What You Need TO Know About Coryza and Its Treatment

Coryza is a medical issue where inflammation of the mucous membrane in the nasal cavity happens and due to that nasal congestion takes place. Some experts have given its simple definition where it is known as runny nose or having colds. The patient dealing with the same feels like there is boiling over head. Taking proper coryza treatment is required to make a deal with allergic reaction and infection. A person who is exposed to cold temperature having narcotic withdrawal and consumed more spicy foods is more likely to get affected with the same.

How To Diagnose the Symptoms of Coryza- having a stuffy or running nose is the main symptoms that you are fighting with the coryza. Still, there are list of symptoms which are there to be associated with the issue and they include: sore throat, cough, nasal congestion. Sneezing, shortness of breath, yellow, brown or green colored mucus, fatigue, headache, fever, enlarged lymph nodes, fainting, runny nose, loss of appetite, conjunctivitis, grayish spots inside the cheeks and rashes all over the body.

What Causes The Coryza- The main reasons for which you have to take coryza treatment include common colds, measles, sinusitis, rhinitis, influenza or flu and allergic reaction which are there because of pollens or animal dander. Some medicines and food consumptions also gives way to the issue.

Treating Coryza- It is true that coryza is not a life threatening disease. A person who is having rhinitis or sinusitis need to take antibiotics and taking the anti-allergens would help in lessening the nasal irrigation. Not just medicines but taking some foods would help in keeping the condition better:

Tea- When you take tea, then it would offer relief from sneezing, colds along with secretions but, if the patient having sinusitis with foul smelling and thick secretions, then better not to take tea.

Apple- Take apple without peeling it as it would help a lot.

Grapes- Taking around 50 g of grapes would help in prevention of cold.

Betel leaf, Amla and Mulberry is helpful foods.

Get a Home Coryza Treatment- Taking some simple home treatments works a lot in favour of the patient.

Coriander- Coriander is helpful idea to offer energy to brain. So, for preparing a helpful solution take around 125 g of coriander powder and take that in ½ liter of water and bring to boil. Strain it when the mixture cool down and mix around 125 g of sugar to it. Sip the concoction slowly for getting best results.

Aniseed- Take around 15 gms of aniseed and 7 cloves and bring to boil with ½ liter of water. When the water remains ¼ of total, ten add sugar as per taste and drink.

Orange Juice- It is better to drink cold orange juice during summer season and hot one in winter. Never prefer orange powder when seeking coryza treatment. To get best results, take a fresh orange and peel that in small pieces. Bring it to boil and strain the orange and use the resultant juice for best results.

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