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People suffer from different kinds of dental problems. Teeth of human beings are made up of hard substance. There are nerves and blood vessels inside the tooth. Teeth perform different functions. Teeth are used for speaking, eating and smiling. If you suffer from tooth disorders, you may hide your smile. You can take proper care of your teeth to avoid tooth disorders. There are many ways by which you can take proper care of your teeth. The first and the most important way is to use proper toothpaste. It is important to choose the best toothpaste to prevent your teeth and gums from diseases. The most common symptom of tooth problem is toothache. If you feel pain in your teeth regularly, you should visit your dentist to know the cause of the pain. Everyone suffers from a dental problem at some point of life. Dental problems can be easily prevented. Regular dental checkups help in preventing many dental problems.

Common dental problems

Some common dental problems that occur in most individuals are given here. These dental problems can be prevented by taking proper care of teeth:

Bad breath is a common problem faced by many individuals. It is very embarrassing if you suffer from bad breath. There are many causes of bad breath. It may caused by cancer of mouth, bacterial infection, cavities, gum inflammation, etc.

Tooth decay may occur at any age. It occurs when food remains stick to our teeth. A sticky layer starts forming on teeth and it combines with sugar and food that we eat. Acid starts producing in the teeth that causes tooth decay.

Gingivitis: It is known as the inflammation of gums. It may occur due to bacterial of viral infection. It occurs in people who do not take proper care of their teeth.

Herbal remedies for tooth problems

There are many herbal remedies that help to get rid of tooth problems and also help to prevent diseases of mouth. Patanjali Kanti herbal toothpaste is made up of herbal remedies that helps you to prevent tooth diseases. It is the best toothpaste as it consists of herbal remedies. It is best ayurvedic toothpaste and consists of natural herbs to provide proper nutrition to your gums and teeth. It may be used regularly to prevent tooth diseases. It is auromere herbal toothpaste that provides quick relief from gum and tooth problems. The traditional herbs used in preparation of this toothpaste helps you to keep your teeth healthy. It is the best ayurvedic toothpaste that prevents cavities and toothache.

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It is also useful Best ayurvedic toothpaste for people suffering from bleeding from gums and bad breath. Regular brushing of teeth by using this auromere herbal toothpaste will help you to keep your smile intact. It may be used by people of all ages to prevent tooth problems. It keeps your mouth fresh for whole day and prevents bad breath from your mouth.

Natural ways to prevent tooth problems

Tooth problems can be prevented by using some natural tips. Some natural ways and tips are given here to prevent tooth problems:

  • Brush your teeth regularly and two times in a day. Floss your teeth regularly to remove the food particles from your teeth. If food particles remain stick in your teeth it can give rise to bad breath.
  • Use a tongue scraper to clean your tongue. Always clean your tongue properly before you go to bed at night.
  • Use a natural mouthwash or rinse your mouth with water properly to remove all the food particles from your mouth.
  • If you suffer from tooth decay, visit your dentist to get the right treatment and advice.
  • Avoid smoking because this is an important cause of bad breath. It will also help you to prevent staining of teeth.
  • Do not eat excessive amount of foods such as onion, garlic, coffee, cabbage that may produce bad breath in your mouth.
  • Visit your dentist regularly to discover any dental problem in early stage.

Home remedies for tooth problems

There are many home remedies that may be used by people to prevent dental diseases. Home remedies are safe and effective for dental problems. It is easy to prepare and get home remedies at home. Some useful home remedies for dental disease are:

  • Avoid drinking too much tea and coffee as these can cause staining of your teeth. It can also give rise to bad smell.
  • Increase the intake of natural fruits to provide minerals to your teeth for proper functioning. Children should increase the intake of milk to provide calcium for proper teeth formation. Avoid drinking milk at night.
  • Avoid giving chocolates and too many sweets to children as this is the main cause of tooth decay and cavities in children. Avoid eating sugary things and candies at night because bacteria find an easy way to grow if sugar remains stick in your teeth.
  • Avoid eating too many fried foods as these may cause tooth decay.
  • If you suffer from recurrent attacks of toothache you can chew a piece of clove. It gives quick relief from toothache. You can also use clove oil to put it on your affected tooth to get relief.
  • You can also keep a piece of lemon or orange on your teeth to get relief from pain in tooth. Clean your teeth using a lemon, it makes your teeth white and prevents staining of the teeth.
  • Drink one glass of wheatgrass juice to boost up your immunity and to prevent tooth problems. Wheatgrass is an excellent home remedy to boost up immune system.
  • Garlic is useful for inflammation of the gums. You can rub a piece of garlic on your gums to reduce inflammation and to get rid of pain and bleeding from the gums. You can also add garlic in your daily diet.
  • Keep a small piece of raw onion on the decayed tooth. It provides relief from pain and also prevents recurrent infection of teeth.

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