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Problems related to memory are common in children and during old age. But, there are some individuals who may also suffer from memory problems at a young age. Children may have a lack of concentration and weak memory due to poor nutrition and other factors. Decreased memory is a common problem in old people. It may occur due to degeneration of the brain cells. Parents give memory enhancement supplements to their children for the enhancement of memory. Parents want to choose the best supplements for increasing the intelligence of their children. Therefore, they search for how to improve memory and concentration naturally. There are large numbers of products that are available in health stores to improve memory naturally. It is very difficult for people to choose the right memory enhancement supplements from so many different products that are available in the market. Parents can give natural herbs or supplements to their children to improve their memory naturally. Natural products help in increasing intelligence naturally. The main benefit of natural products is that they do not produce any side effects.

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Causes of memory loss

There are different causes of memory loss in children and adults. Some important causes of memory loss are:

  • In children, memory loss may occur due to some injury to the head. A sharp blow to the head may result in the loss of memory in children. It may also occur in adults. Many people lose their memory after a severe accident.
  • Lack of nutrition can also result in poor concentration in children. Children who do not eat fruits and vegetables and proper diet may have poor concentration and decreased intelligence.
  • Some birth defects may also result in a lack of intelligence in children. Many newborn babies suffer from jaundice. If it is not managed on time it may cause damage to the brain cells and can result in decreased intelligence or poor memory in children.
  • The main cause of loss of memory in adults is degenerative changes in the brain. There is degeneration of the brain cells with increasing age that may cause dementia or loss of memory.
  • Meningitis or inflammation of the meninges of the brain is also a common problem that may cause loss of memory or reduced concentration in children and adults.

Signs and symptoms of loss of memory

Sometimes it is tough to recognize this problem in children and adults. If your child shows poor performance in academics you may talk to his/her teachers about his/her performance in school. This can help you to find out if your child has a poor memory or a lack of concentration.

Older people may have a poor memory for past events but they may show good memory for recent events. It is called as mild dementia. Some individuals do not have retaining power at all and they forget the past as well as recent events. This results from chronic dementia.

Children may complain of headaches when they try to recognize things. They feel difficulty recalling their lessons or what is taught in the class.

Which methods are most effective for improving memory?

There are many natural products or memory enhancement supplements available in the market and it is a very arduous task for people to select the right product for increasing intelligence. Some products may also contain harmful ingredients that may produce bad effects on your health. Therefore, one should properly select the right product for increasing intelligence.

Divya Medha vati is an excellent combination of natural herbs for memory enhancement. It consists of natural herbs that help to improve memory naturally. It is a safe product for children and adults. It may be taken by people of all ages to improve memory naturally. It is one of the best memory enhancement supplements on the market. People who are using this product for enhancing their memory have given their reviews and ranked this product as one of the best memory enhancement supplements.

Divya Medha vati may be taken regularly to improve memory naturally. It is a safe product and does not contain any harmful ingredients that may harm your loved ones in any way. It quickly helps in improving the concentration in children and parents can see the results.


It is advised to take two tablets of Divya Medha vati half an hour after breakfast and dinner with water or milk.

How to improve memory and concentration naturally at home?

Parents may also give home products to their children for improving memory naturally. It is very easy to prepare products at home. All the ingredients in home solutions are safe and provide quick results. Some useful home solutions for improving memory are:

  • Parents should motivate their children to eat a healthy diet. Junk food should be strictly avoided and parents should give fruits, green leafy vegetables, cereals, and other healthy food to their children. This helps to improve brain function naturally.
  • Take a few almonds and soak them overnight. Peel them off in the morning and give them to your child in the morning with a hot glass of milk.
  • Take a glass of hot milk and add one teaspoon of honey. Give this milk to the patient every day two times a day. This quickly helps in improving memory.
  • Give a glass of apple juice or mixed fruit juice to your child for improving memory quickly. It increases the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain and improves the concentration of children.
  • Take a few raisins and put them in a glass of milk. Boil the milk now and adequately add one teaspoon of honey. Drink this milk every day to improve concentration and memory.
  • Take some poppy seeds and grind them to make powder. Put half a teaspoon of this powder in a glass of warm milk and drink it regularly to improve memory and reduce the attacks of headaches.
  • Children should be advised to play outside games and avoid watching too much television. Physical activity will improve concentration and it also helps in increasing the supply of blood to the brain.
  • Yoga asana and meditation are also good techniques to help people with loss of memory. Meditation helps to improve concentration and memory naturally.

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