Cervical Spondylitis/Backache

What is cervical spondylitis?

Many people do not understand what is cervical spondylitis? They try to find any answer to this question. In this article complete information about what is cervical spondylitis, its causes, symptoms and natural remedies are given. Cervical spondylitis means inflammation of the cervical vertebrae that may produce pain and stiffness of the neck. Pain and stiffness occurs due to degenerative changes that occur in the cervical vertebrae. Men and women suffer from this pain and there is no treatment in the conventional remedies. Muscles of the neck get fatigued due to wrong posture or excessive use. Pain from the neck may extend in the arm. People suffering from cervical spondylitis want to find a cervical cure but they are not able to find the right remedies for getting rid of their problem. It may affect people of all ages. Sometimes the pain from the neck extends downwards in the back and neck pain may also lead to backache. Aging causes weakness of the bones due to which there are continuous spasms in the back and neck. Cervical spondylitis and backache are common in people who lead a sedentary life.

Symptoms of cervical spondylitis/backache

People suffering from cervical spondylitis may experience the following symptoms:

  • Pain and stiffness of the neck and back are the common symptoms.
  • Pain in the neck may cause vertigo. People suffering from cervical spondylitis cannot stand for a long time as they do not feel stable when standing.
  • Numbness of the hands and arms may occur due to compression of some nerve in the neck.
  • People with cervical spondylitis have difficulty in walking long distances. The legs may feel weak and start trembling after walking for a short distance.
  • People with cervical spondylitis have difficulty in driving. They are not able to carry on their daily living activities with ease.

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Package of medicine for cervical neck pain treatment

In conventional remedies, people have to depend upon non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce pain in the neck. These remedies may produce many harmful side effects when taken regularly for a long time. Herbal remedies provide cervical cure without producing any side effects. Package of herbal remedies that provide best cervical neck pain treatment is given below:

  • Divya Ekangveer Ras: It is an excellent remedy for cervical neck pain treatment. It gives quick relief from pain and stiffness of the neck. This remedy provides essential nutrients to the neck and relaxes the muscles to give relief.
  • Divya Pravala Pisti: It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It provides great relief from spasms of the neck and back. It is a natural remedy that provides energy to the cells and reduces the symptoms of neck pain and backache.
  • Divya Brihad Vata Chintamani Ras: This is another useful cervical neck pain treatment. It provides strength to the neck muscles and reduces the stiffness of the muscles to relieve pain. This may be taken regularly to get rid of continuous pain and stiffness of the neck.
  • Divya Swarna Makshik Bhasma: It is a great remedy for people suffering from neck pain and backache. It reduces the inflammation of the cells and increases the bone strength to provide pain relief. It also reduces the swelling of the neck by supplying proper nutrients.
  • Divya Trayodashang Guggulu: It is a traditional herbal remedy for reducing the symptoms of neck and back pain. It is an herbal tonic that supplies nutrition to the neck and back muscles. It increases the supply of blood and oxygen to all parts of the body to reduce the symptoms of numbness and tingling.
  • Divya Chandraprabha Vati: This herbal remedy provides strength to the muscles and nerves. It is one of the best cervical neck pain treatments that is safe and effective and may be taken for a long time to get excellent results.

Home remedies for cervical spondylosis and backache

Home remedies are very useful in the treatment of cervical spondylitis. Home remedies do not produce any side effects and may help in getting rid of pain and stiffness naturally. It is easy to take home remedies because there are available at home. Some of the important home remedies for cervical treatment.

  • Sedentary life is one of the main reasons for cervical spondylitis. People suffering from neck pain and backache should do some useful and simple exercise for movement of the body muscles. Prolonged sitting may produce stiffness of the muscles.
  • People suffering from neck pain and backache can do massage by using sesame oil. It gives quick relief from pain because of the improved circulation of the blood.
  • Eating two cloves of garlic in the morning with water also provides great relief from pain and inflammation of the neck muscles. Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the swelling and pain in the neck.
  • Do not sit for long hours in front of the computer. It causes stiffness of the muscles of the neck. Back muscles also get affected by sitting for long hours. Take small breaks in between to relieve muscles of the neck and back.
  • Sleep in the right posture. People suffering from cervical spondylitis should not use heavy pillow but should use a light pillow under the neck.
  • People suffering from cervical spondylitis should avoid driving and standing for long hours because it may aggravate the pain in the neck.
  • Take some cumin seeds and coriander seeds and grind them together to make powder. Mix one teaspoon of honey to this mixture to form a paste. Take this two times in a day to get relief from pain in the neck.
  • Some people get relief from neck pain by doing neck exercises. Neck exercises relax the muscles of the neck and give immediate relief from the pain.
  • One should eat healthy diet to provide proper supply of nutrients to all parts of the body.
  • Doing massage with almond oil also gives relief because improves the circulation of blood and reduce stiffness and pain in the neck and back.
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