Epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes repeated seizures. Epilepsy can start at any age and may affect both boys and girls at the same rate. The most important symptom of epilepsy is seizure. Electrical impulses are generated in the brain cells known as neurons. There is disruption in the generation of the electrical impulses that may cause seizures. The severity of symptoms varies from person to person. There are different reasons for epilepsy. Different types of seizures are focal seizures and generalized seizures. Focal seizures are also called as partial seizures because they occur only in some parts of the body whereas generalized seizures occur all over the body. People suffering from epilepsy have to take great care as they are not allowed to drive or go alone due to fear of getting an epileptic attack in the public. Epileptic patients have to wear of tag that shows that they are suffering from this condition. Symptoms of epilepsy may vary from person to person. There are different epilepsy herbal remedies that are discussed below in this article that help in epilepsy natural cure. Epilepsy herbal remedies do not produce any side effects and they provide safe epilepsy natural cure.

Symptoms of epilepsy

The most important symptom of epilepsy is the repeated occurrence of seizures. Some other symptoms that may be present in people suffering from epilepsy include the following:

  • There is convulsion of the limbs but any fever is not present
  • There is complete black out before eyes and person may become confused
  • Fainting may take place and patient may lose balance
  • There is weakness of the extremities and extreme tiredness
  • There is no response to the instructions and questions for a short period of time
  • The is stiffness of the parts of the body or the whole body
  • Froth may come out of the mouth
  • There may be jerky movement of the hands and legs.
  • Patient becomes in responsive for some time and the whole body becomes stiff

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Divya Medha Kwath: This is one of the best herbal remedies for the treatment of epilepsy. This helps in increasing the concentration and memory. It prevents the over activity of the brain cells that may lead to seizure like activities in the brain. It helps in easy communication.

Divya Mukta/Moti Pisti: This herbal remedy is used for a long time for brain dysfunctions. It helps in giving quick relief from symptoms of epilepsy. It provides correct nutrition to the brain cells and help in the treatment of epilepsy

Divya Praval Pisti: The most important remedy for the treatment of brain disorders. It supplies oxygen to the brain and helps to prevent repeated attacks of seizures. It stimulates the brain cells for normal functioning.

Divya Giloy Sat: This is the best remedy for the treatment of seizures and other symptoms that may occur along with. It helps in giving relief from stiffness of the body when taken during the attack of seizure. It increases the strength of the muscles and the body and helps to prevent seizure like symptoms.

Divya Kapardak Bhasm: This is also a useful remedy for the treatment of seizures. It is the best remedy for all types of seizures. This helps to prevent recurrent attacks of seizures and gives quick relief from all signs and symptoms.

Divya Medha Vati: This is a wonderful remedy for the treatment of brain disorders. It helps in increasing the memory and concentration. It provides great relief and prevents recurrent attacks of seizures.

Causes of epilepsy

There are different reasons for epilepsy. There is damage to some region of the brain that may lead to epilepsy. Cause of epilepsy may be divided in three categories. One is symptomatic epilepsy, second is idiopathic when no cause is known for epilepsy. The main causes of epilepsy for symptomatic type may include the following:

  • A head injury may be responsible for producing epileptic seizures
  • An infection of the layers of brain called as meningitis
  • If there is any development abnormality of the brain
  • A stroke that may occur due to several other reasons
  • Tumour of the brain may also be responsible for seizures

In idiopathic type of epilepsy, there is no known cause and it is believed that epilepsy may be the result of genetic predisposition. Some genes may have been inherited from the parents that may trigger the attacks of epilepsy. There may be some changes in the genes of a person that may lead to the development of epilepsy.

Home remedies for epilepsy

There are many useful home remedies that may help in preventing the attacks of epilepsy. Home remedies used are safe and effective and do not produce any side effects. Some of the important home remedies that may be used for the treatment of epileptic attacks are discussed below and may help in preventing the attacks of epilepsy:

People suffering from epilepsy should drink more fruit juices. Fruits provide essential vitamins and minerals to the brain that helps in preventing the attacks of epilepsy. Certain fruits that are useful for the treatment of epilepsy include apples, grapes, etc.

Some vegetables are also useful for the treatment of epileptic attacks. People with epilepsy may take juices of these vegetables to get relief from attacks of epilepsy. Some useful remedies for the people suffering from epileptic attacks include the following cucumber, carrot and beetroot.

Tulsi is also found to be an effective home remedy for the people suffering from epilepsy. They should keep tulsi leaves with them and should smell it whenever a person feels an aura for getting an epileptic attacks. It helps in soothing the brain activity and prevents over stimulation of the brain cells.

Alcohol drinking should be completely prohibited. Alcohol affects the activity of the brain cells and creates disturbances in the electrical conductivity of the brain cells. Therefore, people suffering from epilepsy should completely avoid alcohol.

Exercise also help in relaxing the brain and prevents recurrent attacks of epilepsy. Exercise calms down the brain cells and prevents over activity of the neurons.

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