Skin Problems

Skin is the most delicate part of human body. Skin gives protection to the internal organs. There are many skin problems that affect people. People use different types of external applications to treat their skin problems. There are many natural skin care treatments available in the market which helps to treat the skin diseases without any side effects. Herbal supplements for skin are also available in the market that nourishes the skin and helps in skin care treatment. Most people believe that natural skin care remedies help better in recovery from any kind of skin problems. Conventional skin care treatment consists of harmful creams and lotions that enhance the skin problem rather than giving relief. Herbal supplements for skin in the market are made of natural herbs that are found to be very effective in the treatment of skin diseases. There are many natural herbs available in the nature that has been used since ages for the treatment of skin diseases.

Signs and symptoms of skin problems

There are some common symptoms which are associated with all skin problems. Some of the common signs and symptoms of skin problems are discussed below:

Irritation of the skin: This is the most common symptom associated with skin problems. People suffering from skin problems often have irritation of different parts of the skin.

Itching: It is another common symptoms associated with most skin problems. There is intense itching of the skin in certain skin problems.

Redness: Affected parts of the skin become red. There are red and dark patches of the skin in dermatitis, urticaria and many other skin diseases.

Burning: Certain diseases of the skin also cause burning of the skin parts. There is sensation of burning which drives the person crazy.

Herbal remedies for skin problems – Divya Kayakalp Vati

There are many herbs found in the nature that are effective for the natural treatment of the skin problems. One of the most important herbal remedy found effective for all types of skin problems is Divya Kayakalp vati. This product is a complete herbal remedy for different skin problems. It is a combination of following natural herbs which provide natural treatment for skin diseases.

Aloe Vera: It is one of the main ingredients found in Divya Kayakalp Vati that nourishes the skin and helps in the treatment of many skin problems. Aloe Vera cleans the skin and gives natural beauty to your skin. It has been used traditionally for the treatment of skin diseases.

Tulsi: It is also an important ingredient of the Divya Kayakalp vati. Tulsi is a natural herb known for its numerous medicinal properties. It is an important herb used for the treatment of many skin problems and it also helps in boosting up the immunity.

Neem extracts: Neem is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is one of the best herbal remedy for inflammatory diseases of the skin. Neem extrats also found in Divya Kayakalp Vati.

Amla: Amla is very good herbal remedy for skin. It is rich in vitamin C and gives a glowing skin. It is one of the ingredients found in Divya Kayakalp vati.

Chandan powder: It is also added to Divya Kayakalp vati for the effective treatment of the skin diseases. Chandan gives clean appearance to the skin and is a very good remedy for acne and other skin diseases.

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Causes of skin problems

There are different causes of skin problems. Depending upon the type of skin problem, the cause is also different. People can avoid skin problems by taking certain precautions. Some important causes of skin problems are discussed below:

  • There are certain skin diseases which are caused by virus, bacteria or fungus. These organisms cause skin infections. Some common skin diseases produced by these organisms include rashes, impetigo, herpes, chicken pox, etc.
  • Exposure to sun rays also produces certain skin problems. Harmful sun rays damage the skin cells and can cause cancer like conditions. Some people suffer from sun burns. Excessive exposure to sun also causes increased pigmentation of the skin.
  • Women also suffer from pigmentation of the skin during pregnancy. This appears during pregnancy and disappears after the birth of the child takes place.
  • There are many skin problems that are caused by insect bites. These are temporary and produce rashes and inflammation of the skin. There are certain allergens present in the environment which may produce irritation of the skin.
  • Infants may suffer from diaper rash. This is also a temporary skin problem in children and may disappear if use of diapers is stopped in children.
  • Certain drugs also produce allergic reaction which manifest as irritation and itching of the skin. Some people are sensitive to certain drugs which may produce skin symptoms when taken.
  • Genes also play an important role in producing skin problems. Certain skin problems run in families such as eczema and psoriasis.

Home remedies for skin problems

There are many useful home remedies present at home or can be prepared which help in the treatment and prevention of skin diseases.

  • Eat fruits and green leafy vegetables as they are rich in vitamins and minerals and help in giving correct nourishment to the skin.
  • Turmeric is an important home remedy as it has anti-inflammatory properties. You can mix turmeric with curd and apply it on the affected area to get relief.
  • Mix lemon juice and rose water and apply it every day on the face to get glowing and fresh looking skin.
  • Mix mustard oil with lemon juice and apply it every day on the head to get rid of dandruff. This is an important home remedy that also helps to give relief from itching of the scalp and gives nourishment to your hair.
  • Water is the best detoxifier and drink lots of water to remove harmful toxic substances from the blood to get clean appearance of the skin.
  • You can also use milk to cleanse your face. Milk has natural ingredients that nourish the skin cells and helps to prevent acne and pimples.
  • You can wash your hair by using a solution of amla and shikakai to get rid of itching of the scalp. These natural ingredients are useful for the treatment of any hair problem.
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