Deafness, Otorrhagia & Tympanitis

Package of Herbal Remedies for Deafness, Otorrhagia & Tympanitis

There are large numbers of ear problems that affect people of all ages. Deafness, otorrhagia and tympanitis are some of the common ear problems. Deafness or hearing loss is the condition when a person is not able to hear a normal voice. Deafness may be complete or partial depending upon the cause. Some people are not able to hear properly when there is too much noise in the environment whereas some others have to use hearing aids for hearing. Some people are not able to hear anything even by using hearing aids and they have to communicate by using the sign language. Otorrhagia refers to the bleeding from the external ear. There are many causes of otorrhagia which are discussed below in this article. Tympanitis refers to the inflammation of the tympanic membrane or middle ear. Tympanitis mostly occurs in children. Sometimes it is also called as middle ear infection. Generally, nose and throat infection in children is one of the major causes of middle ear infection in children.

Symptoms of ear disease

People suffering from ear diseases may have some common symptoms. Some of the important symptoms of ear diseases are:

  • Earache is the most common symptom associated with any kind of ear disease.
  • Swelling of the ear lobule may be present due to infection or any injury.
  • Temporary hearing loss may occur due to accumulation of pus in the ear in severe ear infections.
  • Patient may complain of heaviness and ringing in the ears due to increased pressure.

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Treatment for Deafness, Otorrhagia & Tympanitis

There are different treatments available for ear problems. Some doctors advise surgery for the correction of hearing loss or temporary deafness. Conventional treatment for deafness may produce different side effects. There are large numbers of herbal deafness remedies that help in the deafness cure without producing any side effects. Natural treatment for deafness is safe and may be taken regularly to get complete deafness cure. Package of herbal remedies for Deafness, Otorrhagia & Tympanitis include the following herbal deafness remedies:

Divya Sarivadi Vati: This is one of the best deafness cures. It is an herbal remedy and helps in the treatment of deafness without producing any side effects. People suffering from temporary deafness should start taking this package of remedies for deafness to get excellent results. It is also a good natural remedy for tympanitis and recurrent ear infections.

Divya Chandraprabha Vati: This is also a wonderful herbal remedy for deafness cure. It may be used for the treatment of any type of ear disease. It works well for deafness, otorrhagia, and tympanitis. This herbal remedy provides necessary nutrition to the ear for correction of recurrent ear infections. It reduces pain and improves the hearing power.

Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati: This herbal remedy is wonderful for the treatment of all types of ear diseases. People suffering from any kind of ear disease should take this herbal remedy to get rid of pain and swelling of the ear. It quickly gives relief and prevents recurrent infections. These remedies may also be given to children as these are safe and do not produce any side effects when taken regularly for the treatment of deafness.

Causes of Deafness, Otorrhagia and Tympanitis

Different ear problems may have different causes. Some of the common causes of ear problems such as deafness, otorrhagia, and tympanitis are discussed below:

Deafness or hearing loss may be congenital or acquired. Congenital hearing loss may be present due to defective genes or infection that is transmitted from the mother to the child during pregnancy. Acquired deafness or hearing loss may happen due to some injury, exposure to some loud noise for a long time, or some other systemic disorder.


Different causes of otorrhagia are:

Severe infections of the ear are the main cause of otorrhagia. Children having severe throat infection may have bleeding from ears.

Other cause of otorrhagia includes tympanic membrane injury or temporal bone injury.

Injury of the external canal and auricle can also cause bleeding from the ear.


Bacterial or viral infection is the main cause of tympanitis or tympanic membrane. People having recurrent infection of the throat, nose can also cause infection of the ear.

Home remedies for Deafness, Otorrhagia & Tympanitis

There are different home remedies that are safe and effective for the treatment of ear diseases such as Deafness, Otorrhagia & Tympanitis. Some of the important home remedies for the treatment of Deafness, Otorrhagia & Tympanitis are given below:

  • When a person has earache, then take few drops of onion juice and mix it with some water. Put two to three drops in the affected ear to get quick relief from pain.
  • You can also take few drops of the almond juice and mix it with water. Put one drop in the affected ear to get relief from any kind of infection and pain.
  • Grape fruit extract may be used to get relief from ear infections. You may put one drop of grape fruit extract in each ear to prevent recurrent ear infections.
  • Take some drops of garlic juice and mix with Luke warm water to get relief from ear infections. Garlic is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol and sugar intake as these may cause infection.
  • Do not listen loud too loudly as it is not good for our ears. One should not use ear phones for longer time period as this is also harmful for the normal functioning of our ears.
  • Also avoid using too much fats, chocolates, and soft drinks because these may produce recurrent infection of the throat and ear.
  • Pineapple juice is very good home remedy for boosting up the immunity and for preventing ear infections and other diseases of the ear.
  • You can also warm some mustard oil and put one drop in the affected are to get relief from pain in the ear.
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