Oligospermia Infertility & Other Genital Diseases

Oligospermia is defined as the low sperm count in men. In oligospermia few sperm cells are released in every ejaculation. It is one of the major causes of infertility in men. It prevents pregnancy in women. There are many factors that may lead to oligospermia in men. Oligospermia is not difficult to treat but proper knowledge is necessary to get the right treatment. When a woman does not get pregnant after one year of regular sexual activity, then both partners should consult a qualified physician to know the right cause. Sometimes problem may occur in women and sometimes the cause may be present in men and one of the main cause of infertility in men is low sperm count or oligospermia.

Different treatments are available for oligospermia.

Large number of sperms is released in the semen. Only one sperm is required for fertilization but sometimes fertilization does not take place due to decreased production of sperms or defective sperm production. Sometimes sperms are e not healthy to fertilize the egg. Different factors such as diet, stress, alcohol consumption, smoking, etc. affects the production of sperms. Therefore, one should determine the underlying cause for the correct treatment of oligospermia.

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Causes of oligospermia

There are many causes of oligospermia. Some can be reversed whereas some cannot. Some of the common causes of oligospermia are:

  • There may be an obstruction to the normal flow of sperms. This may occur due to trauma to the testicals or injury to the testicals.
  • Any surgery to the testicals can also result in scarring which may lead to oligospermia.
  • Any infection of the testicals can also cause low production of the sperms.
  • Genital diseases or sexually transmitted diseases can also result in low sperm production in men.
  • Diseases such as varicocele can also cause oligospermia
  • Hormonal disorders may cause low production of sperms in many men
  • Obesity, stress and intake of certain medications can produce low sperms in men and may lead to infertility.
  • Exposure to certain toxins, malnutrition and being overweight or obese can also cause oligospermia.
  • Taking frequent hot baths can also result in low sperm count. Men who take bath with hot water or take hot bath treatment for other diseases can have low sperm count.

Symptoms of oligospermia

The first and the most important symptom of oligospermia is infertility. Some other symptoms that are associated with oligospermia are:

Pain in the testicals due to infection

Discharge from the penis due to some sexually transmitted disease may be present.

Oligospermia treatment

Package for oligospermia infertility and other genital diseases consist of natural and herbal remedies. The herbal remedies in this package greatly help to improve sperm motility. It also helps to increase sperm count. This package consists of natural remedies that do not produce any side effects. All the natural remedies in this package help in the oligospermia treatment. The remedies in this package are natural. Package for oligospermia infertility and other genital diseases consist of the following herbal remedies:

Divya Yauvanamrit Vati: This is an excellent herbal remedy to increase sperm count. It helps in the oligospermia treatment without producing any side effects. This herbal remedy is an excellent tonic for improving sexual health in men. It helps to increase the sperm count naturally. It also helps in the treatment of infertility by improving the sperm motility.

Divya Chandraprabha Vati: This is also a wonderful remedy for the oligospermia treatment. It improves the sperm motility and helps to get rid of sexual infection. It is an excellent herbal tonic to support the functioning of the sexual organs.

Divya Shilajeet sat: This is a wonderful herbal remedy for the treatment of low sperm count. It is an excellent herbal remedy for the treatment of male sexual disorders. It is helps to increase libido in men. It is a wonderful tonic for men. It increases the strength and also helps in balancing the hormones. It helps to get back the energy and also improve sperm motility.

Home remedies for oligospermia and infertility

Home remedies also help in the treatment of low sperm count. Home remedies are natural and provide natural treatment for the sexual dysfunction in men. Some of the useful home remedies useful for low sperm count are:

  • Put half tea spoon of saffron powder in one glass of warm milk and drink it every day. It is an excellent remedy to increase sperm motility and to improve sperm count.
  • Take a glass of boiled milk and add about 30gms of raisins in the boiled milk. Drink one glass of milk everyday with raisins. It is an excellent tonic to improve sexual health in men.
  • Another important home remedy useful for oligospermia is take carrots and finely chop them. Mix the chopped carrots with half boiled egg and add one spoon honey to this mixture. This is a wonderful home remedy for the treatment of oligospermia.
  • Take powder of ladyfinger roots and mix with a warm glass of milk. Also add two spoon of mishri and take this mixture every day. It helps to increase sexual stamina.
  • One should also do meditation and yoga to relieve stress. Meditation helps in balancing of hormones. Therefore, people suffering from hormonal imbalance should do meditation for balancing the hormones naturally.
  • Diet plays an important role in the treatment of oligospermia. Men suffering from low sexual health should eat healthy diet to improve sexual health. Appropriate diet is necessary for improving sexual health.
  • It is also recommended to wear loose clothing to avoid sexual disorders. Therefore, men should not wear tight clothing around the waist to avoid sexual disorders.
  • Proper sleep is necessary for getting rid of stress. One should take adequate sleep to relieve stress.
  • Exercise plays an important part in maintaining good health. People who live sedentary life should do some exercise to maintain healthy body and for proper functioning of the sexual organs.
  • Men should stay away from unusual sexual practices. Excessive masturbation should be stopped to avoid sexual disorders.
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