Are you suffering from menstruation problems? You can use herbal products for menstruation problems. It is an effective combination of herbs that help to get rid of all kinds of menstrual problems. It is an excellent natural product for managing amenorrhoea. The herbs for managing amenorrhoea in this product are natural and safe and there are no side effects. The herbal products help to balance the hormones and stimulate the female reproductive organs for normal function. Herbs give nutrition to the reproductive organs for optimum functioning. Amenorrhoea is divided into two types. Primary amenorrhoea refers to a condition in which girls do not get menstruation till the age of fourteen years. Deficiency of blood is the main reason for primary amenorrhoea. Secondary amenorrhoea can occur during any part of the reproductive age. Secondary amenorrhoea results to large number of causes. Primary amenorrhoea is corrected by taking iron pills to increase the level of haemoglobin in the blood. Most cases of primary amenorrhoea are managed by giving iron pills but some stubborn cases fail to show any improvement. Complete medical history and tests are required to be done in such girls. Abnormal menstrual cycle occurs in many women due to imbalance of the hormones, stress, other systemic diseases such as polycystic ovaries, thyroid dysfunctions, obesity, etc.

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Symptoms of amenorrhoea

Amenorrhoea produces many other signs and symptoms. Women suffering from amenorrhoea feel weakness and tiredness due to an imbalanced state of hormones.

  • There is a pain in the reproductive parts of the women when menses do not appear on time. There is bearing down sensation in the pelvic region.
  • Women complain of tightness of the breast and pain the back and abdomen.
  • There is depressive mood and women get angry easily due to an imbalanced state of mind.
  • Amenorrhoea may result in infertility. Women with amenorrhoea are not able to produce fertile eggs and may remain infertile for a regular period of time.
  • There is appearance of hair under the chin and face due to imbalance of the hormones.
  • Women with amenorrhoea are prone to suffer from sexual problems such as gonorrhoea, syphilis, candidiasis, vaginitis, etc.

Package Of Herbal products For Menstruation

The package of Herbal products plays an important part in managing amenorrhoea. The detail of herbal products in the package for menstruation is given below.

Divya Praval Pisti: This herbal product is considered to be an excellent solution for managing amenorrhoea. This herb increases the amount of haemoglobin in the blood to produce a regular menstruation cycle.

Divya Kaharava Pishti: It is one of the best herbal products for managing menstrual problems. It gives the best results for women who suffer from secondary amenorrhoea. It helps in balancing the hormones.

Divya Giloy Sat: This natural product is useful for the women who are suffering from other systemic problems and amenorrhoea may be the result of taking undue medication. It helps in the normal functioning of the reproductive organs.

Divya Mukta Moti Pisti: It is recommended for all types of menstrual disorders. It is an effective tonic for women suffering from loss of reproductive functions. It balances the estrogen and progesterone by stimulating the pituitary gland.

Divya Vasant Kusumakar Ras: It is found to be an effective solution for all types of menstrual problems in women. It gives good results when women take this herbal product along with other herbs mentioned here.

Divya Stri Rasayana Vati: It helps in increasing the amount of haemoglobin in the blood. It is a good herbal product for young girls who suffer from amenorrhoea due to anaemia. It is one of the best herbal products that is recommended for different problems related to the reproductive organs.

Causes of Amenorrhoea

The absence of menstruation may be caused by many reasons. Some of the important reasons or causes for abnormal menstrual cycle are given below:

  • Natural amenorrhoea occurs in women during pregnancy, breast feeding and at menopause.
  • Many women take birth control pills which may disrupt the normal functioning of the reproductive organs and can lead to the absence of menstruation.
  • Women may take certain medications such as antipsychotics, blood pressure medications, diabetic medications, high cholesterol levels, and abnormal thyroid function which may cause amenorrhoea.
  • Mental stress can also cause disruption of the menstrual cycle. Stress brings hormonal imbalance which is one of the main causes of amenorrhoea.
  • Decreased haemoglobin or iron content in the blood may also cause absence of menstruation.
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome is another important cause of amenorrhoea in females. There is an imbalance of the hormones in female suffering from PCOS.
  • Structural abnormalities of the reproductive organs can also cause amenorrhoea. Uterine scarring, cervical cancer, obstruction of the normal flow of blood may also lead to amenorrhoea.

Home solutions for managing Amenorrhoea

  • Tomato juice is an excellent home solution that helps in the natural management of amenorrhoea in women.
  • Saffron is another home product for managing the absence of menstruation. You can put a pinch of saffron powder in one glass of water and drink every day to improve reproductive functions.
  • Women suffering from amenorrhoea may take cinnamon to get regular menstruation.
  • Another home solution for menstrual problems in women is fenugreek seeds. You may soak one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds overnight and drink the same water early morning to get periods.
  • Mint juice and honey mixture also help to get regular menstruation. Mix one spoon of mint juice with one teaspoon of honey and take this mixture to get immediate results.
  • Another home solution for the absence of menstruation is papaya. Unripe papaya quickly helps in reducing the problem of menstrual disorders. It contracts the uterus and produces immediate results.
  • Take some aloe vera juice and add a pinch of black pepper powder in it. Take this mixture to get relief from amenorrhoea.

Diet recommended for Amenorrhoea

Diet also plays an important role in managing amenorrhoea at home. Some of the important diet recommendations to get relief from amenorrhoea are:

Women with amenorrhoea should start eating hot foods and drinks to initiate the contraction of the uterus. It helps to satisfy the pitta which is the main reason for amenorrhoea according to ayurveda.

Women should eat more fruits and vegetable because they are rich in vitamins and minerals and help to balance the hormones.

Cold and frozen food should be avoided because cold food may reduce the contractions of the uterus.

How to prevent Amenorrhoea naturally

You can try the following  tips :-
Maintain your weight  and do exercising regularly to keep your healthy body .

Nutrition and Supplements

Eat healthy diet and Limit processed foods eating.  Avoid alcohol and caffeine . Eat more vegetables, whole grains,  omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, seeds and nuts. Diets who are very low in fat may raise your risk of amenorrhea.

These supplements may help:-

Vitamin D, vitamin K, Calcium, magnesium  and boron may help keep bones strong. Women who do not have periods are at higher risk of osteoporosis, these vitamins and minerals can help them.

Vitamin B6 can reduce high prolactin levels. Prolactin is a important hormone that released by the pituitary gland  and women suffering from amenorrhea often have higher levels of prolactin.

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