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Cleansing is an essential process and it is needed to be performed by our body cells for normal functioning of the whole body. Natural detoxification is done by our body on regular basis. Sometimes the process of detoxification stops or slows down and that create many health problems. It is necessary to remove the waste products from our body. Many people eat natural detox diet to keep their body organs in the proper functioning condition. There are many detox cleanse products available in the market which are found to be very useful but may produce several side effects. Natural detox treatment helps in removing the waste materials from the body naturally without producing any side effects. People search for natural detox treatment on the internet and try to find the best treatment available so that they may get rid of unwanted substances from the body. Natural detox diet is a great way of getting rid of unwanted substances from the body naturally. Detox cleanse products available in the market are found to be very useful for bringing normal functioning of the body organs.

Detox symptoms

When body undergoes detoxification process there are some signs and symptoms that may arise due to accumulation of chemical substances in the blood. Some of the important symptoms that may be present in a person with presence of toxic substances in the blood are discussed here:

  • There may be frequent episodes of headache. Person with toxicity may feel tiredness and weakness in the whole body. Their feeling of distress and may have stress.
  • There may be pain in the abdomen and suffer from various digestive problems such as indigestion, diarrhoea, constipation, nausea, vomiting etc.
  • People with toxicity may have severe body aches and feverish feeling. There may be episodes of chills and cough and cold due to weak immunity.
  • Toxins present in the blood may produce different skin diseases such as urticaria, redness and itching of the skin. Toxicity produces acne and pimples in young individuals.

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Herbal remedies in Package For Detox (AMA)  :-

Divya Gashar Churna: This is one of the most wonderful remedy for the treatment of toxicity. It is a wonderful natural detox treatment and helps in the elimination of chemical substances from the blood and purifies it.

Divya Bilvadi Churna: This herbal remedy is well known for its action on the different parts of the body. It stimulates the liver and other organs of the body to eliminate the waste products and helps in naturally cleaning of the body.

Divya Sankha Bhasm: This natural remedy is a useful herbal treatment for the toxicity of the blood. It provides natural nutrition to the body cells and stimulates the excretion of waste products. It helps in balancing the acid base balance in the body and helps in the correction of digestive disturbances.

Divya Kapardak Bhasm: This is another herbal remedy that provides natural cleaning agent to the blood and helps in improving the skin symptoms. This is a wonderful remedy that helps in the detoxification in a natural way.

Divya Mukta Sukti Bhasm: It is proved to be an excellent herb for the treatment of detoxification. This herbal remedy may be taken every day for cleansing the body organs. It helps in removing waste products and improves the functioning of all the body organs.

Divya Kutajaghan Vati: It is also an essential herb that has been used since ages for the detoxification of blood. This is a natural remedy that detoxifies the blood and helps to give relief from diarrhoea and constipation.

Divya Chitrakadi Vati: It is a natural remedy that helps in the treatment of signs and symptoms that may arise due to toxicity of the blood. It provides natural nourishment to the blood for the formation of pure blood cells.

Home remedies for Detox

There is large number of home remedies that helps in the detoxification of the blood. The home remedies may be easily prepared at home and can be used for removing the toxic elements from the body. Some of the important home remedies for detoxification are:

  • One should increase the intake of fluids. Liquids help in removing the waste chemicals from the blood and helps in improving the signs and symptoms of toxicity.
  • You can drink lemon juice by mixing one lemon juice in one glass of water every day in the morning. This is one of the best remedy for the detoxification.
  • One should include foods such as ginger and turmeric in the diet as these are natural foods that have anti-inflammatory properties and help in removing the harmful substances from the body thus preventing inflammation of the different body parts.
  • Regular exercise is very important for keeping your body healthy. You may do simple exercise everyday or perform some simple yoga asana to keep yourself healthy.
  • Keep yourself away from alcohol and smoking as these are the bad habits that add harmful chemical substances in the blood and cause toxicity.
  • One should sleep on time as proper sleep is very necessary for proper functioning of the body organs.
Frequently asked questions for Detox

Q.1 How much time is required for proper and complete detoxification of body?

A. Results may be different for different individuals. It is recommended that one should try herbal remedies for a month to get best results.

Q.2 Is it possible to take conventional remedies and herbal remedies at the same time?

A. Yes, there is no interaction of herbal remedies with any prescription remedies and you may take them together by keeping a gap of about one hour between different remedies.

Q.3 Can I take herbal remedies for longer time period?

A. Yes, herbal remedies may be taken for a longer period of time because these are absolutely natural and safe and do not produce any side effects on any parts of the body.

Q. 4 Will I experience any unwanted effects from herbal remedies

A. No, herbal remedies are traditionally used for a long time and there are no side effects by using these remedies for a longer time period.

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