Gastric Trouble

People may suffer from different types of gastric problems. There are different reasons for producing gastric signs and symptoms. Gastric trouble is not a disease but it may be a symptom indicating presence of a chronic gastric disease. The main cause of gastric trouble is insufficient secretion of pancreatic juice into the small intestine. There is loss of pancreatic enzymes that help in the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. As a result most of the food is not used properly in the body and can produce gastric trouble. Gastric trouble generally arises when there is malabsorption of the food. Gastric trouble may occur as a result of dysfunctioning of any of the digestive organ. If stomach produces large amount of acid, it may cause gastric trouble, if there is any defect in the large intestine of liver, it may produce other symptoms related to gastric trouble. Thus, disturbance in the functioning of any part of the digestive system can cause gastric trouble. Men, women and children can also suffer from gastric trouble. Gastric trouble may produce short term symptoms and can be easily treated by using home remedies or herbal remedies.

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Symptoms of gastric trouble:

Some of the important symptoms of gastric trouble are given below. These symptoms may occur in any type of gastric problem:

  • There may be constant abdominal pain. People suffering from any type of gastric problem may complain of abdominal pain.
  • There is sensation of nausea and vomiting.
  • Constipation or diarrhoea may occur alternately.
  • There is bloating of the abdomen due to accumulation of the gas in the stomach.
  • Appetite decreases due to formation of the gas.
  • Pain in the shoulders and back may be present due to accumulation of gas in the whole body.
  • Headache and vertigo may be present.

Herbal Medicines In Package For Gastric Trouble Treatment

You may find different types of gastric trouble treatment in the market. Herbal remedies greatly help in giving relief from gastric trouble.  herbal remedies in package for gastric trouble treatment are given below:

Divya Gashar Churna: It is an excellent combination of natural herbs and helps to relieve from any type of gastric trouble. The herbs present in this churna are natural and effectively helps in giving relief from signs and symptoms of gastric trouble. It helps the stomach and pancreas to secrete normal enzymes that helps in proper digestion and assimilation of the ingested food. All the herbs found in this great herbal remedy are traditionally known for their action on the digestive system organs.

Divya Udarakalpa Churna: Udara Kalpa churna is a combination of traditional herbs for the treatment of gastric diseases. These herbal remedies help to balance the acid base balance of the stomach to produce effective digestion of all the nutrients of the food. This may be taken every day to get quick relief from gastric problems. It is an important gas relief remedy that stimulates the normal functioning of the digestive organs.

Causes of gastric trouble:

Gastric trouble may be caused by a variety of reasons. The main cause of the problem should be assessed before taking any remedy. Some of the important causes of gastric trouble are discussed below:

  • Gastric trouble may occur due to viral or bacterial infection. It is an important cause for gastric symptoms. Infection may occur after eating spoiled food.
  • Another important cause for gastric trouble is eating of too much fried and spicy food. People who eat junk food continuously for many days may suffer from gastric trouble due to inflammation of the gastric mucosa.
  • There are certain gastric diseases such as peptic ulcers, gastric sprue etc. which may produce symptoms of gastric trouble.
  • Pregnant women also suffer from gastric trouble due to pressure of the developing foetus and lack of exercise.
  • People who take too many conventional remedies for systemic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure etc. may also suffer from gastric trouble.
  • Stress and anxiety are the main causes of gastric trouble. People who do not take adequate sleep at night due to stress may also have gastric signs and symptoms.
  • Another important cause of gastric trouble is intake of alcohol and smoking. People who drink alcohol regularly in large quantities are prone to suffer from gastric trouble.
  • Fatty diet or intake of meat and dairy products also produce gastric troubles.

Home remedies for gastric trouble

Home remedies provide quick relief from gastric trouble. You may easily find these remedies at home and take them regularly for normal functioning of the digestive system. Some useful and effective home remedies for gastric trouble are given below:

  • Garlic is an anti-inflammatory remedy and people suffering from gastric trouble may take garlic in diet to get relief from gastric trouble signs and symptoms.
  • Drink one glass of water by adding one lemon juice with a pinch of black salt everyday to get relief from gastric trouble.
  • Avoid eating food late at night because our stomach needs at least two hours for proper digestion of the food.
  • Avoid eating any spicy of fried foods when suffering from gastric trouble. Eat simple and liquid diet which can be easily digested.
  • Coconut water is found to be very effective for treating gastric trouble. Drink one glass of coconut water every day to relieve gastric trouble.
  • Mint is another natural herb that is a good home remedy for gastric problems. Eat few leaves of mint to get immediate relief from pain and gas in the abdomen.
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol or smoking as these may produce more acid than required by your body.
  • Drink lots of water to wash out the chemicals from your body.
  • Do not lie down immediately after eating food.
  • Try to do some yoga exercise in the morning for normal functioning of the body organs.
  • Avoid drinking tea and coffee when suffering from gastric trouble.
  • Asafoetida also helps in relieving gastric trouble.
  • Ginger is another important home remedy for treating gastric trouble. Take small piece of ginger and keep it in mouth to get its juice. It will give immediate relief from gastric problem.
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