Coryza, Sinusitis & Chronic Rhinitis

Respiratory problems such as asthma, coryza, sinusitis, rhinitis, etc. are common problems that affect individuals of all ages. Children, adults, and old people suffer from different kinds of respiratory problems from one time of their life to another. Some children also suffer from asthma, and sinusitis which are hereditary and may last for a longer time. There is no solution for asthma or other chronic respiratory problems in a conventional system. There is difficulty in breathing when a person suffers from respiratory problems. There is inflammation of the respiratory passages that may cause difficulty in breathing. Natural supplements give excellent relief from respiratory problems. People suffering from recurrent attacks of coryza should take this package of herbal supplements for managing symptoms of asthma, coryza, sinusitis or chronic rhinitis.

Symptoms of respiratory problems

Different respiratory problems have some similar symptoms. Some common symptoms for different respiratory problems are:

  • Cough is present in different respiratory diseases. A cough may be dry or productive.
  • Asthma patients suffer from wheezing in the chest. They have to sit up at night to get the quick flow of oxygen in the lungs.
  • There may be pain and tightness in the chest. People suffering from respiratory problems may have discomfort in the chest.
  • Sneezing occurs in people suffering from coryza. There is a watery discharge from the eyes. Headache is also present due to the stuffiness of the nose with mucus.
  • There is a lack of energy and people have low immunity who suffer from recurrent attacks of respiratory infection.

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Herbal supplements for Asthma, Coryza, Sinusitis & Chronic Rhinitis

Herbal products are very useful for managing the symptoms of respiratory problems. This package of herbal supplements is the best solution for improving respiratory health. If you are looking for natural herbs for managing respiratory problems, then you should start taking this package of herbal supplements. This is an alternative solution for managing asthma and other respiratory problems. The herbal supplements in this package are useful for enhancing immunity. This package of herbal supplements for Asthma, Coryza, and Sinusitis & Chronic Rhinitis consists of the following herbs:

Divya Swasari Ras: It is an excellent alternative solution to manage respiratory problems. People suffering from respiratory problems should take this herb to boost the immune system. This is a useful herb that boosts your immunity against various kinds of respiratory problems.

Divya Sitopladi Churna: This is one of the best alternative products for improving lung health. It helps to give relief from chronic cough and continuous wheezing that occurs in asthmatic patients. It helps to eliminate the accumulated mucus from the lungs.

Divya Praval Pishti: This natural supplement should be taken regularly for boosting lung health. This also helps in giving relief from congestion of the chest.

Divya Trikatu Churna: This is a great herbal product for improving the symptoms of any kind of respiratory problem. It gives quick relief from coryza and cough. It is a wonderful ayurvedic herbal product for managing all symptoms of asthma and sinusitis.

Divya Lakshmi Vilas Ras: This is recommended for managing the symptoms of any kind of respiratory problem. It may be given for boosting immunity and improving the function of the bronchi and other respiratory organs.

Divya Sanjivani Vati: This is one of the best-known herbal products for improving the function and structure of respiratory organs. It may be taken regularly for getting relief from chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Home solutions for Asthma, Coryza, Sinusitis & Chronic Rhinitis

Respiratory problems such as coryza, sinusitis and rhinitis may be well managed by using home solutions. There are large numbers of simple home products that give quick relief from symptoms of respiratory problems. Some of the important home solutions for improving the function of the respiratory system are:

Put half tablespoon of turmeric powder in one glass of boiling milk. Let it cool and then drink this milk. It is an excellent solution for chronic cough. Turmeric is known as a natural immune booster. It is also used since ancient times for its anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, people who are prone to suffer from respiratory problems should drink turmeric with warm milk in winter’s every day to avoid any asthma attacks or other respiratory tract infections.

Boil five-six cloves in half glass of water and also add a teaspoon of honey to the boiling water. Drink this water after cooling for some time to dissolve the mucus. This gives quick relief from chronic cough and asthma attacks.

Take one teaspoon of ginger juice and add one teaspoon of honey to it. Add this to half cup of warm water and then drink it every day to get relief from all symptoms of respiratory problems. Ginger also helps in boosting the immunity against viral and bacterial infections.

Take a few raisins and add them to the boiling milk. Drink this milk for reducing the risk of recurrent chest infections and for boosting immunity.

You can also get relief from respiratory infections by preparing herbal tea. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey to the water. You may also add ginger to the water to prepare herbal tea. When it starts boiling, you may drink is slowly to get rid of symptoms of respiratory infections.

Basil is a useful herb for boosting immunity and getting rid of symptoms of any kind of respiratory problem. You may prepare tea by boiling few basil leaves in the water to get immediate relief from seasonal cough and coryza.

You may also prepare a decoction by adding drumstick leaves, ginger juice and lemon juice. This is an effective home solution for managing frequent attacks of any kind of respiratory infection.

People suffering from recurrent respiratory infections should add more citrus fruits in their diet because citrus fruits such as oranges, lemon, and amla are rich in vitamin C that helps in boosting immunity and reduce the risk of respiratory infections.

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