Divya Triphala Churan For Natural Colon Cleansers

When people are not able to pass bowel movements regularly, they opt for colon cleansing. They take several medications for colon cleansing. Some people use artificial methods to clean their colon. Medications or chemicals used for colon cleansing can prove to be very harmful. There are many natural colon cleansers that help to get rid of constipation and also help in natural colon cleansing. People suffering from constipation should avoid taking harmful chemical substances for getting regular bowel movements; rather they should opt for natural colon cleansers to get rid of the problem forever. It is very difficult to select the best colon cleansers in the market as there are so many companies that make different products for colon cleansing. One should consult a physician before taking any remedy for colon cleansing. Excessive use of laxatives can produce harmful results. Regular intake of laxatives for colon cleansing that slow down the reflexes and produce more harm than giving relief. Therefore, laxatives should be strictly avoided for colon cleansing.

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Constipation can also give rise to many other health problems. Accumulation of waste products in the body can give rise to serious health problems. It is important to clean the colon by taking natural remedies. Natural and herbal remedies are safe and may be taken regularly for colon cleansing. Constipation is a symptom that is associated with many other digestive problems. Therefore, underlying cause should be determined to get the right treatment.

Causes of constipation

Constipation may result from a variety of causes. A proper cause should be determined to start with the right treatment. Some important and common causes of constipation are given below:

  • Lack of exercise is an important cause of constipation. Laziness is the important factor that contributes to development of constipation.
  • Any obstruction in the intestines can also result in constipation.
  • Diet is an important factor that determines the normal functioning of the digestive organs. People who lack fibres in their diet may suffer from constipation. Fibres are important for making the bulk of the stool and help to prevent constipation.
  • Any disease of the large intestine can also result in ineffectual passage of bowels and this can cause pain and hardness of the stool.
  • Intake of prescription medications regularly are a major cause of constipation in elderly individuals. Due to lack of proper nutrition, prescription remedies produce many side effects.
  • Less drinking of fluids and water is also a major cause of constipation. People who feel less thirsty even during summers may have constipation problem.
  • Pregnancy is one of the major causes of constipation in women. Improper diet during pregnancy causes constipation.
  • Chronic diseases such as diabetes, liver disorders can also lead to constipation in many people.

Natural constipation cures

There are many natural remedies for constipation cure. Natural remedies are safe and may be taken regularly to prevent constipation. Natural remedies help in colon cleansing and prevent constipation and pain in abdomen. Divya Triphala churna is one of the best natural constipation cures. It is the best colon cleanser and helps to get rid of constipation naturally. Divya Triphala churna is a combination of three main herbs. Three herbs found in this natural remedy for colon cleansing helps to boost up the immune system and gives quick relief from constipation and other symptoms of the digestive problems. It is a natural colon cleanser. It acts on the digestive system and stimulate all the organs for optimum functioning. The three herbal remedies are the best treatment for different types of digestive diseases. Divya Triphala churna is suitable for people of all ages. It does not produce any harmful effects on the body. The herbs present in this natural remedy provide nutrition to the colon and helps in regular functioning.

People suffering from chronic constipation should take this herbal remedy regularly to get rid of constipation.

It gives relief from flatulence and also helps to increase appetite in children.

It helps in colon cleansing and removes the waste products from the body without producing any side effects.


Take one teaspoon of Divya Triphala churna with warm water after dinner.

Home remedies for colon cleansing

People suffering from digestive problems or constipation may also take home remedies to get rid of constipation. Home remedies help in regular bowel movements and prevent constipation. Some useful and effective home remedies for colon cleansing are:

  • Add a pinch of salt and one teaspoon of lemon juice in a glass of warm water. Drink this first thing in the morning, empty stomach to get rid of constipation. It is an effective home remedy for colon cleansing.
  • Take handfuls of flaxseeds and soak them in a glass of warm water and keep it over night. Eat flaxseeds and drink water in the morning for proper colon cleansing.
  • Fibrous fruits and vegetables such as guava, cabbage, spinach, salads, etc. help to get rid of constipation. One should enhance the intake of fibrous foods in diet.
  • Go for exercise regularly for proper functioning of the digestive organs. Exercise helps to boost up the immune system and strengthen the muscles and other parts of the body.
  • Try to eat dinner about two hours before going to bed. This helps in proper digestion and assimilation of the food and helps to avoid constipation.
  • People suffering from constipation should avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. Habit forming substances are not good for health and can give rise many other health problems.
  • Take a glass of hot milk and add few raisins. You can also boil the milk. Drink it every day before sleep at night. It gives excellent results and helps you to get rid of constipation quickly.
  • Avoid eating processed foods. White flour also is not good for people suffering from constipation. Avoid eating fried and spicy food.
  • Take half glass of water and add one teaspoon of aloe Vera juice, and half glass of apple juice. Drink it daily in the morning for colon cleansing. It is the most effective home remedy for colon cleansing.

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