Chronic Headache

Headache is a common problem that may occur at any age and anytime. Some individuals suffer from chronic headaches due to a particular cause. There are several reasons for headaches. Sometimes headache may be a symptom of some other health problem. People who suffer from chronic neck pain or fibromyalgia may also suffer from chronic headache. Therefore, it is important to determine the duration, frequency, and cause of headaches for proper management. In the conventional system, a pain killer is prescribed to relieve the pain in the head. There are several natural products for chronic headaches that help to get relief without producing any side effects. Pain killers may produce many side effects on other parts of the body. People who take continuous painkillers become habitual to them and then it becomes difficult to get relief from even stronger pain killers. There are several chronic head home solutions that are discussed here in this article which may be taken during a headache. Home solutions may be taken regularly to get long lasting relief from chronic headache.

Headache is associated with many health problems. People who are under mental stress may also feel pain in the head. This pain is stitching and throbbing type and there is no relief even from taking medications. Some people suffer from headache due to overstrain of the eyes. They sit for long hours in front of computers that produce headaches. Even watching television from a short distance may cause headache in children. Another cause for headache may be weak eyesight. It is a common cause among children. There are several other causes that may produce headaches.

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Chronic headache symptoms

There are different types of symptoms associated with headache. Different individuals may experience a variety of symptoms during headache. Some common symptoms of chronic headache are discussed as under:

  • One side of the head may be affected. There may be a pain in the right side or left side of the head.
  • There is a throbbing and pulsating sensation in the head, which drives a person crazy
  • Sometimes there is moderate to severe pain accompanied by nausea and vomiting
  • The headache gets aggravated by going out in the sun or doing strenuous physical activity
  • There may be vertigo along with the headache. Sometimes the headache is associated with pain in the neck and shoulders
  • There is sensitivity to the light and sound. Person suffering from chronic headache cannot tolerate even slight noise in the room.
  • Irritability, anger and frustration may be associated with pain in the head. A person does not want to talk to anyone and wants to remain aloof.
  • There may be congestion of the head due to accumulation of the mucus
  • There may be pain and redness of the eyes with chronic headache.

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Divya Mukta Pishti: This natural product is a wonderful solution for people who suffer from regular headaches. It increases the blood supply to the brain and gives relief from headache.

Divya Praval Pishti: This traditional herb is found to be very useful for managing any type of headache. It helps in reducing the risk of recurrent headaches in children when given regularly. This may be used for managing headaches of any origin.

Divya Godanti Bhasm: This herb is used for getting relief from headaches of different types. It is a safe product for all types of headache. It also helps to improve memory and concentration in children.

Divya Medha Vati: This herbal product is an excellent solution for controlling pain in the head. This product may be taken every day to reduce the risk of recurrent attacks of headaches.

Chronic headache Home solutions

Take one apple, peel it and sprinkle some salt on it. Eat this every day in the morning for a week to get relief from headache.

Take some basil leaves, peppercorn and small piece of ginger. Grind them together and take one pinch of this powder with warm water whenever you have a headache.

Ginger also helps in giving relief from headache. It increases the supply of blood to the blood vessels of the head and reduces pain. It is one of the best solutions for tension headache. Ginger tea is very effective in reducing the headache immediately.

Eucalyptus oil is very useful in massaging the head. It gives relief from headache when massaged every day. It provides nutrients to the brain and gives soothing effect to the brain. Coconut oil or almond oil may also be used for doing the massage of the head.

Take some cinnamon and grind them to make powder. Add some water to this powder to make a paste. This paste can be applied on the head for getting relief from headache. It is an excellent solution when a headache occurs due to exposure to cold air.

Management of chronic headache
  • Take adequate rest. Adequate sleep is necessary to give proper rest to the brain.
  • Eat a healthy diet to provide proper nutrients to the brain. It is very necessary to give a proper supply to the brain to get relief from a headache.
  • Do regular yoga exercises and meditation to reduce the risk of recurrent headaches. Meditation greatly helps in reliving recurrent headaches.
  • Avoid alcohol and cigarette smoking. This may produce toxic substances and can decrease the supply of oxygen and blood to the brain.
  • Children should be advised not to watch too much T.V and should sit at a sufficient distance to avoid headaches.
  • People who frequently work on computers should take a rest in between to avoid headaches and eyestrain.
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