Depression is a condition that causes sadness and decreases interest in all the activities of life. Depression affects the life of a person. There are physical as well as emotional problems produced by depression. People with depression feel that they are not worth living and they often try to commit suicide. Depression may affect all people during some part of their life. In some people, it comes and passes away soon whereas some individuals are not able to cope with the depressive situations of life and they continue to suffer which affects their physical as well as mental health. Conventional solutions for depression include habit-forming products which produce many other side effects and a person becomes addicted to these products. Depression herbal products help in managing the symptoms of depression. You can take herbs to manage the symptoms of depression naturally. Natural solutions include home products as well as herbal products. It is easy to manage depression naturally without producing any side effects. People suffering from depression should not feel sad and should look for natural solutions because there are a large number of herbs that help to manage depression naturally.

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What are the symptoms of depression?

There are no uniform symptoms of depression. Some people experience symptoms of depression, whereas others may not. The severity of the symptoms depends upon how long is one suffering from it. Some common signs and symptoms of depression are given below:

  • A person suffering from depression will have a constant feeling of sadness, anxiety, and nervousness.
  • There is a feeling of negativity in the mind and everything seems boring and useless.
  • A person becomes hopeless about everything in life.
  • A person becomes restless and moves from one place to another anxiously.
  • Irritability, headache, and anger may occur frequently.
  • A person does not have any interest in daily activity and works which they enjoyed at one time.
  • There is a low level of energy and the person feels tired and weak.
  • There is a loss of sleep or a person may sleep too much.
  • There is a loss of concentration and one cannot remember the names and other necessary things of daily life.
  • The patient is unable to make decisions; it becomes difficult to find interest in anything.
  • Eating habits also change and the patient may eat too much or lose complete appetite.
  • There are suicidal thoughts and a person with depression may attempt to commit suicide.
  • There may be digestive disorders that may occur as a result of depression.

Detail of Herbal products in the package of depression

Divya Medha Kwath: This is an excellent herbal product for managing the symptoms of depression. This natural product calms down the brain and gives relief from sadness and grief. It helps in bringing back the person to a normal state of mind.

Divya Mukta Pishti: This herbal product is found to be an excellent solution for people suffering from sad feelings. It helps in correcting the depressed state of mind and gives immediate relief from sadness and grief.

Divya Praval Pishti: It is an excellent herbal solution for people suffering from depression. It is found to provide nutrition to the brain and also increase the blood supply to give relief from anger and depressed state of mind.

Divya Godanti Bhasm: This natural herbal product is an excellent solution that helps to give quick relief from other signs and symptoms that are associated with depression. It helps to increase the concentration of the mind and is found to be an excellent tonic for brain disorders.

Divya Medha Vati: It is another excellent herbal product for managing the symptoms of depression. It provides necessary nutrients to the brain and helps in giving quick relief from sad feelings. It supplies oxygen to the brain and gives relief from sadness. It is an excellent product to increase memory and brain concentration.

What are the causes of depression?

  • There is not a single or absolute cause for depression. There are different factors that combine together to produce depression. Some of the important factors that may lead to depressive states include a person’s genetic behavior, biochemical imbalances, personal experiences, and psychological factors.
  • Our brain secretes certain chemical substances called neurotransmitters. It is found that when the neurotransmitters are secreted in an imbalanced amount then it may result in depression.
  • There are some families in which depression runs for ages. People of every age suffer from depression at one time or the other. There is a genetic link between depression and it is aggravated by a certain combination of genes present in an individual.
  • A sudden loss of a family member, loss of business, or any other such awful experience can also lead to depression.
  • It is found that people having low levels of folate and vitamin B12 increase the risk of developing depression.
Home solutions for Depression

It is necessary to take enough sleep to get relief from depression. Insomnia or loss of sleep is one of the important causes of depression. Therefore, people who lack sleep should calm down their brains by taking normal sleep.

One should go out with friends and enjoy the company of others. Do not sit alone for long periods. One should engage in several activities of recreation to get some entertainment. A morning walk increases the supply of oxygen to the brain and helps in removing the symptoms of depression.

Healthy food is very necessary to get relief from the state of depression. Certain foods are depressive in nature and some foods such as chocolates help in getting relief from depression naturally. It is said that one should have one chocolate per week.

Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking because these cause a depressive state of mind and are harmful to the body. Instead, one should drink more water to remove the waste chemical substances from the body. Exercise also helps in managing depression. Yoga asana and mild exercise help to increase the supply of blood to the brain and give quick relief from a depressive state of mind.

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