Muscular Dystrophy & Handicapped Children

What is muscular dystrophy?

Many people search for an answer to the question, what is muscular dystrophy? Muscular dystrophy is a muscular disorder that occurs due to faulty genes. Muscles help us to move our body. There are some missing genes or incorrect information in the genes which inhibit the formation of proteins which are required for the healthy functioning of the muscles. It is a genetic disorder therefore it is present during birth. It is non-communicable disease. In this disease, muscles become weak due to which a person is not able to perform the daily activities that involve muscles. People suffering from muscular dystrophy have difficulty in walking, standing or sitting up. There are different types of muscular dystrophies that may affect people of different age groups at different periods of time. In this disease the muscles of the different body parts weakens over time and may cause problems in performing daily activities.

Causes of muscular dystrophy

All cases of muscular dystrophy are inherited from parents due to faulty genes. There is a specific gene that causes muscular dystrophy. The symptoms of the muscular dystrophy depend upon the gene and the chromosome on which the specific gene is located. The faulty gene present on the chromosome does not produce the required protein or the muscles that require a particular protein. Therefore, parents should get tested for the disease before trying for a child. It will help to reduce the chances of having children with muscular dystrophy.

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Symptoms of muscular dystrophy

The symptoms of muscular dystrophy depend upon the age of onset and the type. Some of the common symptoms of muscular dystrophy are:

  • People with muscular dystrophy cannot walk steadily, they may have frequent falls
  • There is weakness in the muscles due to which a person faces difficulty in doing the normal activities
  • Stiffness of the joints may occur due to weakness of the muscles and joints
  • Patient may get easily tired due to weak muscles

Treatment for muscular dystrophy

Package for Muscular Dystrophy & Handicapped Children is an excellent package of herbal and natural remedies that may help to prevent signs and symptoms of muscular dystrophy. This package of remedies is a natural treatment for muscular dystrophy. All the remedies found in this package are safe and natural and do not produce any side effects when taken for a long time regularly to get rid of muscular weakness. These herbal remedies provide nutrition to the muscles and prevent pains and weakness of the muscles. This package for muscular dystrophy and handicapped children consists of the following herbal remedies:

Divya Ekangveer Ras: This herbal remedy is indicated for the muscular pains. It is an excellent remedy that supplies nutrition to the muscles and help in the treatment of pain and stiffness of the joints. It prevents the signs and symptoms of muscular dystrophy by supplying nutrition to the muscles.

Divya Godanti Bhasm: This is also an excellent treatment for muscular dystrophy. It provides relief from pain without producing any side effects. It is an herbal remedy that increases the strength of muscles and joints and help in performing the activities.

Divya Giloy Sat: This herbal remedy is best suited for people suffering from any kind of muscular disorder. It supplies nutrition to the muscles and also helps in the formation of protein which is required for the normal functioning of the muscles.

Divya Swarnamakshik Bhasm: This is an excellent herbal product which provides safe treatment for muscular disorders. It increases the strength of the muscles and helps in movement of muscles. It helps in normal development of the children suffering from muscular disorders.

Divya Rasraj Ras: This herbal remedy is suitable for people suffering from joint pains and muscle weakness. It helps in easy use of muscles without feeling any pain. It increases the supply of oxygen and blood to the muscle cells and gives relief from stiffness and pain of the muscles.

Divya Vasant Kusumakar Ras: This supplies proper nutrition to the muscle cells and helps in getting rid of muscular pains. It helps in normal development and children can easily use their muscles while running, playing, writing or walking. This herbal remedy increases the strength and energy of the muscles to give quick relief.

Divya Mukta Pishti: This is a natural herbal remedy that is useful for the treatment of muscular disease such as muscular dystrophy. It may be started early in life to prevent long term complications of muscular dystrophy. This is a natural remedy and provides nutrition to the muscle cells for effective functioning.

Divya Shilajeet Rasayan Vati: This herbal remedy helps in increasing the strength of the muscles. It increases the energy of the e body cells and provides relief from muscular pains. It helps in easy functioning of the muscles and also stimulates the body to produce required proteins for the muscular development.

Divya Trayodashang Guggulu: This herbal remedy is useful for tiredness and weakness that is present in the people suffering from muscular dystrophies. It helps in boosting up the energy and strength of the muscles so that one may feel easy in doing the daily activities of life.

Divya Chandraprabha Vati: This herbal remedy is suitable for people suffering from muscular dystrophies. This is a natural remedy and provides nutrition to the cells for proper functioning. It increases the strength and reduces pain and weakness of the muscles. It provides complete relief from muscular pains by boosting up the energy.

Divya Ashwagandha Churna: This is an excellent herbal remedy that acts on the muscles of the digestive system and helps in proper digestion of the food. It helps in proper absorption and also builds up the muscular strength to give relief from pains and stiffness of the muscles.

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