DVD Yoga for Eye Problems (in English and Hindi)

This DVD yoga for eye problems is made by Baba Ramdev for the treatment of eye diseases. Yoga for eye diseases given in this DVD is useful for optimum functioning of eye muscles. In this DVD you will find eye exercises to improve vision. All the exercises for eye given in this DVD help to maintain effective vision throughout life. It is a useful DVD for people who suffer from eye problems and do not find any solution for their problem. Yoga is useful for maintaining good vision. Exercises for eye given in this DVD also help to prevent eye disease such as glaucoma and cataract the may develop with advancing age due to weakness of muscles or less nutrition.

Benefits of DVD yoga for eye problems

This DVD yoga for eye problems is very useful for old people who suffer from weak eyesight as it consists of yoga for eye. In this DVD there are eye exercises to improve vision that will help old people to maintain healthy vision naturally. They can do the exercises for eye given in this DVD and prevent cataract and glaucoma.

This DVD is also useful for children who suffer from weak vision. Anyone can do eye exercise to improve vision by sitting at home. It is given in both English and Hindi and is easy to understand. The yoga for eye given in this DVD is simple and easily understandable and there is no need to go anywhere.

This DVD also gives home remedies to keep your eyes healthy. It is a wonderful combination of eye exercises, yoga for eye and home remedies and you may get benefit of all these natural ways to keep healthy eyes at your home.

The home remedies given in this DVD are very useful for maintaining good vision. The home remedies are safe and effective and there is no need to go for surgery as exercise and yoga can help to maintain optimum eye health.

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Home remedies for eyes

  • Carrots are said to be very effective for good eye health. There is a substance present in the carrots called as carotene that helps to increase vision.
  • Fruits such as papaya should be eaten everyday as it also provides vitamin A to the eyes which is very necessary for keeping good eye health.
  • Take some rose water and mix few drops of aloe Vera juice to it. You may use this for washing eyes as it helps to remove chemicals and infective agents from the eyes.
  • It is advised to wash eyes with fresh water three-four times in a day to keep good eye health.
  • Straining of eyes should be avoided. Children should not let sit for long in front of TV as it may cause strain on their eyes. There should be sufficient light available in their study room as dim light can cause poor vision.
  • People who go for night shift should take proper sleep to get relief from eye strain.
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