Weak vision problems- Home Remedies And Herbal Eye Drop For Preventing Cataract

Eyes are the most important organs given to the human beings and animals. Beautiful eyes help a man to see the beautiful world. Any eye problem can be disastrous as it can produce vision problems. If a man stops seeing the beautiful things, his world gets into darkness. Diseases of eyes or loss of vision is the main cause of depression among older people. Loss of vision can be prevented at an early stage by taking some precautions. There are many home remedies and herbal eye drop that can be used for preventing loss of vision.

Common eye problems affecting man are given here:

Myopia or near-sightedness: It is one of the common eye problems. In this problem, you can only see the things that are far away.

Astigmatism: In this eye problem, a person has blurred vision at all distances. A person suffering from this problem may experience headache as well.

Poor night vision: It is a problem in which a person is not able to see clearly at night. It is a sign of advancing cataract. Cataract is an age related issue and affects as the age of a man advances. The lens becomes cloudy and there is dimness of vision especially at night. It may occur due to the deficiency of vitamin A.

Home remedies for eye problems

Poor vision is a common problem and people take different measures to prevent vision problems. Herbal eye drop is the most useful way of preventing loss of vision at an early stage. There are some home remedies as well that can be used regularly for preventing cataract and other eye problems. Home remedies are safe and may be used regularly for maintaining good eye sight. Common home remedies that are effective for your vision are:

Eat more green leafy vegetables and fruits for providing proper nutrition to the eyes. Eat foods rich in vitamin A to prevent loss of vision.

Eat raw carrots or drink carrot juice for preventing cataract and vision problems. Carrots are rich in beta carotene that prevents dimness of vision.

Put thin slices of potato over the eyes for half an hour everyday at night before going to sleep. It relaxes your eyes and prevents straining. You can also put cucumber slices in a similar way.

Exercise also helps in preventing eye problems. Regular exercise of eyes helps to prevent strain and keep your eyes healthy.

Prepare natural eye drops at home by adding a few drops of rose water in glycerin. Use this mixture to instill one drop in each eye every day.

Wash your eyes regularly to prevent dust and dirt and keep your eyes clean.

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