Divya Udarkalp Churna For Indigestion

Divya Udarkalp churna is a wonderful combination of ayurvedic herbs that helps in natural cure for indigestion. All the herbs in Divya Udarkalp churna rejuvenate the digestive organs and produce excellent results for the people suffering from digestive ailments. People who remain irritated due to digestive or gastric complaints may take this herbal product to stimulate the activity of digestive system. It is a wonderful natural cure for constipation. Individuals who are suffering from long standing or chronic constipation may take  Divya Udarkalp churna regularly to get rid of symptoms of constipation. It stimulates normal bowel activity without producing any side effects. The herbs present in Divya Udarkalp churna are well known for their action upon digestive system and it is also useful in all types of digestive problems such as diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, flatulence, pain in abdomen, acidity, etc. Thus, people who fail to get any relief from other remedies of indigestion may take this natural cure for indigestion.

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Benefits of Divya Udarkalp churna

  • Divya Udarkalp churna is beneficial in chronic digestive problems as it activates the digestive organs and helps in digestion of the food.
  • Divya Udarkalp churna gives quick relief from constipation, flatulence, pain in abdomen, etc.
  • Divya Udarkalp churna may be taken regularly for a longer time period and it helps in active functioning of the digestive body parts.
  • Divya Udarkalp churna stimulates the secretion of gastric juices and enzymes that help in metabolism and digestion of the food properly.
  • Divya Udarkalp churna is also a very good product for liver ailments. People, who suffer from liver problems such as cirrhosis of liver, may also take this remedy to get relief.
  • Divya Udarkalp churna also helps in the treatment of respiratory diseases. It helps in release of mucus from the lungs.
  • Divya Udarkalp churna may be given to children who have less appetite and do not grow properly due to weak digestive system. It also helps in the cure for constipation in children.

Therapeutic uses

  • Divya Udarkalp churna is a well known herbal remedy prepared by Baba Ramdev pharmacy for the treatment of digestive diseases.
  • Divya Udarkalp churna is a wonderful herbal remedy for digestive organs. The herbs present in this remedy are useful for stimulating the functioning of digestive organs.
  • Divya Udarkalp churna gives quick relief from the digestive problems without affecting functioning of any other organs of the body.

Mode of Administration

It is to be taken at night with warm water or milk


Five grams of Divya Udarkalp churna may be taken everyday once in a day

Life style changes

People suffering from digestive problems should make some change in their living style to get rid of digestive problems. People who sleep late at night and remain awake for long hours at night suffer from digestive problems due to improper digestion of the food. Therefore, it is very necessary to sleep early and get up early in the morning to remain fresh and active during the day. Some individuals eat their meal late in the night and after eating they go to sleep immediately which may also cause indigestion. It is recommended that there should be about two hour’s gap between eating of food at night and sleep. Nap during the day should be avoided as it is also one of the main causes of digestive problems. Individuals who lack exercise and live a sedentary life also suffer from constipation and other digestive problems. It is important to do some regular exercise for normal functioning of all body organs.

Dietary changes

People suffering from digestive problems should also make some dietary changes in their life to solve their problem. They should avoid eating too much spicy and fried food as it is not digested easily and may cause indigestion if eaten too frequently.

Drinking of fluids should be increased to remove the harmful chemical substances from the body and for proper digestion of the food.

Fruits and vegetables should be eaten more as they consists of natural vitamins and minerals that help to boost up the immunity

Home remedies for indigestion

  • Take a glass of cold milk and drink it every day at night by adding one spoon of honey. it is a very good home remedy for people suffering from acidity.
  • Ajwain is one of the wonderful and traditional home remedy for gastric problems. Take a pinch of salt and one pinch of ajwain with warm water to get relief from flatulence and pain in abdomen.
  • Ginger is another traditional herb that is used for the treatment of digestive problems. Ginger tea helps in giving relief from flatulence and other digestive ailments.
  • Take a glass of water and add one tea spoon of baking soda. Drink it, this will help to neutralize the acidity of the stomach and gives quick relief from acidity and flatulence.
  • Take a glass of warm water and add one tea spoon of ginger juice and one tea spoon of lemon juice. Add one tea spoon of honey and drink. This gives immediate relief from indigestion and other digestive problems.
Customer’s review

I’m 34 years of age and most of the time was suffering from digestive problems. I tried many remedies but nothing gave me relief. My friend who was also suffering from the same problem advised me to take Divya Udarkalp churna. I searched about this herbal remedy on the internet and read customer’s reviews. This is a great remedy as it gave me quick relief from my digestive problems. Thanks Neeraj, India

I’m 45 years old and was suffering from constipation and flatulence for a long time. I did not get any suitable remedy for my problem. My doctor prescribed me some chemicals that produced a lot of side effects. I searched on the internet to get relief from my problem naturally. I read about Divya Udarkalp churna and started taking it. I took this churna for two weeks and was greatly relieved from constipation and my other digestive problems. Really it is very good herbal remedy for digestive problems. Thanks, Mehak, India.

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