Yoga VCD For Women in Hindi Language

It is one of the best yoga VCD for women in Hindi language. This VCD is prepared by swami ramdev and in this VCD yoga for lady who is suffering from various health problems is given. It consists of Ramdev yoga for women, home remedies and ayurvedic herbs. Many women suffer from menstrual problems due to hormonal imbalance. Yoga is proved to be useful for women suffering from different menstrual complaints. In this VCD, ramdev yoga for women is given which may be practiced everyday to get relief from menstrual complaints and other health problems. In this VCD you will also find home remedies as well as Ayurvedic herbs that are useful for the treatment of menstrual problems along with yoga techniques. The yoga asana given in this VCD helps to balance hormones and maintain good reproductive healthy. Important benefit of this VCD is that it is available in Hindi language which is easily understandable.

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Benefits of Yoga VCD for women

It is an effective solution for women suffering from menstrual problems. The main benefit of this VCD is that women may watch yoga asana at their home and practice them to achieve good health.

Women suffering from menstrual problems take several remedies to get relief but the modern system of medicine has no effective remedy as these may produce side effects. Natural therapies such as yoga and home remedies are best to get relief from menstrual disorders.

Yoga helps to activate the different organs of the body and give relief from menstrual disorders quickly. Simple exercise and yoga asana help to provide energy to the body cells.

This VCD is beneficial as it consists of yoga asana and home remedies and women suffering from menstrual disorders may practice these yoga techniques at their home. They do not have to go out for doing yoga but they can watch this yoga VCD at their home and get benefits.

Home remedies and diet recommendations for menstrual problems in women

  • Aloe Vera is an important herb that helps in the treatment of menstrual irregularities in women. Regular intake of Aloe Vera juice helps in balancing the hormones.
  • Ginger also helps in boosting the immune system and it is also one of the natural herbs that help in the treatment of female disorders.
  • Take half tea spoon of powdered sesame seeds with a glass of warm water twice in a day to get relief from menstrual problems.

Avoid taking too much tea and coffee. Drink lots of water for cleansing of body. Take adequate sleep for eight to ten hours.

Customer’s review

I’m 35 years old and was suffering from menstrual disorder. I took many remedies and did not get any results. I went to many doctors here and there to get some relief from my problem. Then I searched and found this VCD composed by Baba Ramdev. It is a wonderful solution as it consists of different yoga asana that are beneficial for menstrual problems and many home remedies that quickly helps to get rid of menstrual disorders.

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