Yoga VCD for Hepatitis and Jaundice

Swami Ramdev Ji has developed this yoga VCD for hepatitis and jaundice. This VCD consists of yoga for hepatitis. Yoga also helps in jaundice natural cure. It also consists of natural remedies that help in safe and natural treatment for jaundice. People suffering from jaundice and hepatitis should get this VCD to watch yoga exercises. Yoga is believed to help in jaundice natural cure. Yoga asana for hepatitis given in this VCD helps to boost up the strength and immunity of the patients. Yoga VCD for hepatitis and Jaundice are believed to be the best treatment for jaundice and hepatitis. It is safe to do yoga to get rid of hepatitis and other liver affections.

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Benefits of Yoga VCD for Hepatitis and Jaundice

  • Yoga VCD is a wonderful combination of pranayam, yoga exercises and natural remedies for the treatment of jaundice and hepatitis.
  • The yoga asana in this VCD are safe and easy to practice at home to build up the strength of liver.
  • Yoga quickly helps in reducing the inflammation of the liver and stimulates it to secrete bile juice for normal digestive action.
  • The main benefit of Yoga VCD for hepatitis and jaundice is that people can sit at home and watch this VCD to do yoga at home.
  • People who get this VCD can do yoga any time of the day and they do not have to remain bounded to the time. They may do yoga as per their requirements.

Home remedies for jaundice and hepatitis

  • Amla is very good for maintaining liver health. You may extract the juice of amla and drink it every day.
  • Take some bitter vegetables such as bitter gourd, bottle gourd and mesh them completely to take out the juice. Drink this juice for healthy functioning of the liver.
  • Alcohol is very dangerous for people with hepatitis and jaundice. Alcohol in any form should be avoided to get rid of liver troubles.
  • Fatty food should be restricted as liver is the main organ that helps in the digestion of fats. When liver gets infected it is difficult to digest fatty food and it may cause aggravation of the symptoms.
  • Green vegetables and fruits are good for liver. You may include juice of green vegetables of fruits in the diet to enhance the recovery process.
  • Beetroot is also good for liver affections. Take out the juice of beetroot and mix it with equal amount of lemon juice. Consume this daily to get fast recovery from hepatitis and jaundice.

Papaya is very good for jaundice. You may eat papaya to recover from jaundice. Seeds are also useful for getting rid of inflammatory condition of the liver. You may dry up the seeds and then crush them to make powder.

Take one teaspoon of powder for quick recovery.

Take one glass of radish juice and add one tea spoon of paste of tulsi leaves. It is the most effective remedy for liver problems.

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