Yoga VCD for Childless Couple

In this VCD you will find different yoga asanas for childless couples. Yoga for childless couple is beneficial as it is a natural way of conceiving and does not have any side effects. You will find all yoga asanas in detail in this VCD. Other natural treatment remedies such as ayurvedic herbs and home remedies are also given in this VCD which naturally helps in conception without producing any side effects. Yoga techniques help to rejuvenate your body cells and help you to think about your body, your movements and breathing. All these things help you to remain away from stress and restore balance in your body. This VCD is available both in English and Hindi language. Childless couples may find it useful as it consists of all the natural methods of conception.

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This VCD explains all the important causes of infertility in men and women in detail. You will find various reasons of infertility and natural solution to these problems. Yoga is beneficial as it brings changes in the muscles, and breathing patterns and boost up the energy. Yoga exercises also help to increases blood supply to various organs of the body. These natural treatment of infertility are absolutely safe and do not produce any side effects.

Different yoga asanas that are found to be useful for infertility are explained in detail in this VCD.

Some of the important asanas of yoga for childless couple include:

  • Vajrasana or Thunderbolt pose
  • Dhanurasana or the bow pose
  • Sukhasana or the Easy pose
  • Yoga Nidra

Natural home remedies for childless couples

Different home remedies are given in this VCD that may help to achieve conception without producing any side effects:

Take some peepal fruits and grind them into a powder. Mix it with equal quantity of sugar and take one spoon in the morning with cow’s milk every day. Both husband and wife should take it to achieve conception.

Take 100 gms of dried ginger, 100gms of long pepper, 100 gms of black pepper, and 100 gms of naga kesaralu. Fry all the ingredients and grind them into the powder form. Mix them together thoroughly and sieve. Store it in a bottle. It is to be used during first four days of periods in the morning. Half spoon of powder is to be taken with one spoon of cow ghee. From 4th day night take a little above half spoon with one spoon cow ghee for next seven days. Keep a gap of two hours after eating food. This may be taken regularly as advised for six month or till conception is achieved.

Take aswagandha roots and cut it into small pieces. Take adequate amount of cow milk and boil it. Add aswagandha pieces to the boiling milk and let it boil for twenty minutes. The milk should sink into the ashwagandha pieces and then let the milk soaked pieces dry in the sunlight for some time. Repeat this process for seven days and on eighth day use the dry powder.

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