Yoga DVD for Women

It is one of the best yoga DVD for women. This DVD is made for women suffering from various health problems. It consists of yoga for women, home remedies and ayurvedic herbs. Many women suffer from menstrual problems due to hormonal imbalance. Yoga is proved to be useful for women suffering from different menstrual complaints. In this DVD, yoga for women is given which may be practiced everyday to get relief from menstrual complaints. There may be sexual problems in women which prevents conception. In this DVD you will also find home remedies as well as Ayurvedic herbs that are useful for the treatment of menstrual problems along with yoga techniques. The yoga asana given in this DVD helps to maintain optimum woman health and fitness.

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Benefits of Yoga DVD for women

  • This DVD consists of yoga asana for maintaining normal health of women. It helps in getting rid of menstrual problems.
  • This DVD is beneficial for women who suffer from menstrual irregularities and do not find any solution to their problem.
  • All the asana given in this DVD helps to provide energy to the body cells and helps in maintaining normal uterine health.
  • Yoga asana in this DVD also helps in the treatment of skin diseases such as acne and pimples that may arise due to hormonal imbalance.

Important Asana beneficial for women:

Some of the important yoga asana that are useful for woman health and fitness are:

Kapalabhati: It is a breathing technique and helps in cleansing of the whole body system. It helps to clean the air passages and helps in easy breathing. It is the best yoga asana for women suffering from various health problems.

Tadasana or the Mountain pose: This yoga asana helps in strengthening the body. It helps in giving strength to the whole body and is useful for balancing the hormones.

Pada Hastansana or the Hands to Feet pose: This asana greatly helps in reducing weight and is a very good yoga asana for women suffering from PCOS. It helps in strengthening of the legs and ligaments of the extremities.

Home remedies and diet recommendations for menstrual problems in women.

There are different home remedies that may help in regulating menstrual flow in women. These home remedies may help in the treatment of menstrual disorders in women:

  • Take some parsley seeds and make powder. Take this powder two times in a day with water to get effective results.
  • Unripe papaya is also believed to be a beneficial remedy for menstrual disorders. It should be taken every day by girls who suffer from menstrual disorders in young age.
  • Banana leaves are also very helpful in the treatment of menstrual problems. You may boil banana leaves in water and drink that water two times in a day to get relief from pain and tenderness of breast that is felt by some women during menstrual periods.
  • Do not eat too much spicy food during menstrual period.
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