Yoga Dvd for Diabetes in English and Hindi

This yoga DVD for diabetes is prepared by Baba Ramdev in English and Hindi. It consists of yoga asana that help for stimulating pancreas to secrete sufficient quantity of insulin. The yoga asana given in this DVD are simple and easy to do. In this DVD home remedies for diabetes are also given which may be used along with allopathic medicine to control diabetes naturally. It is a wonderful DVD as it consists of yoga for diabetics. All the yoga for diabetes given in this DVD is important and these yoga asana increases the strength of the body muscles. Yoga exercise for diabetics given in this DVD also increases the energy of the body cells and help to control blood sugar naturally.

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Benefits of Yoga DVD for diabetes

  • Yoga DVD for diabetes greatly helps in controlling symptoms of diabetes such as weakness of muscles, numbness of extremities, decreased vision, low functioning of the organs, etc.
  • Yoga asana in this DVD increases the strength of the body and also boost up the immunity to fight against the recurrent infection.
  • Yoga asana and exercise for diabetics given in this DVD helps to increase oxygen of the body cells for normal functioning of all organs.
  • This is a wonderful DVD for people who have diabetes as it is available in English as well as in Hindi.
  • The most important benefit of this DVD is that they do not have to go out for doing exercise and yoga and they may switch on this DVD at their home to watch useful yoga asana for controlling diabetes.
  • All the yoga asana given in this DVD are explained in simple language and can be understood by everybody.

Yoga asana for Diabetes

Paschimotasana: This is a simple yoga asana for people with diabetes. Sit on a mat and stretch your legs. Now bend forward to touch your knees. Exhale completely and then hold the toes with fingers. Remain in this position for some time and inhale when you come back to normal position. Repeat this asana 3-4 times. It helps to stimulate the pancreas to release insulin.

Yoga asana can help to increase the oxygenation of the body cells and help to stimulate body organs for normal functioning.

People with diabetes can also take garlic cloves in the morning. It is a good inflammatory home remedy that helps to prevent infection in people with diabetes.

Home remedies for diabetes
  • In this DVD home remedies for controlling blood sugar are also given that helps to maintain normal blood sugar level.
  • Take some seeds of fenugreek seeds and some seeds of jamun. Dry them and make powder. Mix this powder together. Taken one teaspoon of this powder for controlling blood sugar.
  • Take some papaya seeds and dry them. after drying make them in powder and take this powder once in a day to control blood sugar.

Thus, people suffering from diabetes can control their blood sugar naturally by doing yoga exercise and trying the home remedies given in this DVD.

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