Ways to Contour the Oval shaped Face

Contouring in simple language is also known as highlights. As like chocolate syrup on vanilla ice cream is capable to work as highlighter so as the contouring is able to make highlight to any of the facial part or entire face and in beauty world known as face contouring. To does the work with perfection, you need to have best contouring makeup and along with that necessity says you must be aware of the makeup techniques.

Basics of Contouring- Basically contouring for oval face or to highlight any of the facial shape is done when you are using matte products like creams, pencils, powders. At the time, you need to take the product of two shades darker than you actual skin tone as this is easy way to define the cheekbones, chin, nose and forehead basically. With face contouring, one can balance the accentuating areas of the face using concealer or a light highlighter; prefer to use a concealer two shades lighter than your completion and would make it give awesome appearance because those areas of the face would naturally catch the light.

When You Wanted To Contour For Oval Face- As told above it is discussed that contouring is the way to highlighting the facial features and so best contouring makeup will help to contour light and shadow with in the blink of an eye. Having oval face means the facial shapes is generally one and the half times longer and not that much wider. Using contour for oval face would actually offer a balance to the ratio of length and width. For the purpose, one must use products in the following way so that would lessen the forehead and focus would be shifted to the center of the face.

Step 1- To start face contouring, initially, start with the highlighting the main and high points of the face. Like, for oval face, the highlighter initially needed to be applied in a semi-circle shape on the forehead. Slowly, keeps that sweeping under the eyes, outside the nostrils, down the nose and on the chin. Never forget the main area like outside corners of the mouth and the outside of the jaw.

Step 2- Choose the contour color you desired for the looks but, not choose the shimmery and warm shade. For best contouring makeup, prefer using angled side brush so that can work better on the hollows of the cheeks. Now, contour the area under jaw and on the outside of the forehead then, down the sides of the nose.

Step 3- Make it blend for the best possible way. Start the work from the inner corner of the eyes and then make that go out and around in a blended way. Always blend outer highlighter first and then make the contouring second. Make the work done until there is no appearance of harsh lines.

Step 4- Finish the contour for oval faceusing translucent powder. Always prefer pressing motion as this technique one doesn’t sweep the makeup. Never forget the T-Zone and under eyes areas because they tends to be oiliest points.

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