Tips To Prevent Hair Fall Naturally

Hair needs special care along with face from the dryness of hair in this season, dandruff problem is a common problem. If you use chemical-based products to get rid from hair loss and dandruff problem than it can cause more damage to your hair. You can easily get rid of this problem from home remedies.

1. Onion juice

Wash the scallop with onion juice. After 15 minutes wash it with normal water. Apply it twice a week Regularly for reduce your hair loss.

2. Amla Juice

Drink Amla Juice empty stomach every morning . Hair loss will stop for some time.

3. Vitamin E

Mix Vitamin E capsules in coconut oil and apply on the scalp before sleeping at night. Wash the hair with shampoo in the morning. Hair loss will stop after doing this continuously for 4 days.

4. Cinnamon

Mix cinnamon in honey and apply it in the hair for 20-25 minutes. After that wash the head with normal water. The hair will not damage by doing this twice a week.

5. Raw Papaya

Grind raw papaya and apply on the head for 10-15 minutes . After that wash the head with water. This will solve the problem of hair loss and Russian.

6. Drink plenty of water

Water and liquid thinks is necessary for hair and skin. Drink plenty of water.

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