Steps To Follow For Perfect Eyeliner Application

This is dream of almost every girl that she wanted to have perfectly lined eyes and that is possible with using best eyeliner along with combination of a perfect eye shadow. In case, this would be happened perfectly, then definitely you would go to look like panda. So, here is the need of knowing how to apply eyeliner whenever you are going for any special occasion.

Things Required For Doing the Task- to done the task with perfection one requires:

  • Best waterproof eyeliner
  • Concealer
  • Primer

Applying eyeliner

Start with Preparation – This is essential step and moreover is like preparation before applying best eyeliner. In this step, one has to cleanse the face and apply moisturizer for the face. Apply eye cream around the eyes, so that would keep away the premature wrinkles and balance the redness and discoloration to the area and also makes help in blending when you would apply eye shadow.

Start with Clean Base- To have a clean and even base, apply some eye primer on the eyelid and under the eyes area so would be like base before applying best waterproof eyeliner. The task of primer is to keep the skin smooth and so makeup application would go easier. Also, offers you with flawless results and it lasts for longerperiod of time as well. Apply concealer on the eyelid top an under eyes. Blend well and keep that set using powder.

Line away- This is the main part when you wanted to apply best eyeliner. So, prefer using brush so can line above the lashes. Prefer making small lines and strokes. So, make sure you make the base as if you make that too thick, and then would go tough to handle that. Once, you are done with one eye, and then can go for another eye as symmetrical. This is basic steps for eyeliner, but, if you wanted to go further then follow the below points.

Wing it Out- The above steps is for those who wanted to keep the eyeliner simple, but if the occasion is super special, then you have achieve a look. For that firstly necessary using the right angle that is following the natural line of the lower lash line. Map that line and fill that slowly.

Finish the Look- For successful extension of liner, you have to go further with the lining the lower lash line using best waterproof liner and better you can use the pencil liner and make that smudge. Apply mascara and finish the look using best eye shadow. Now, you are done and have the awesome looking wonderful eye for the occasion that not only make but feel you awesome as well. Just keep in mind, while applying that you are working with eth steady hand, for the clean and precise finish and prefer using cosmetic mirror that is double sided and you can then manage to achieve clear finish getting that check from both sides.

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