Skin Diseases

Skin is the largest organ or human body. It protects our internal organs. There are many other important functions performed by skin. It also prevents harmful microbes from entering our body. It is a sensory organ and helps to give feeling of hot, cold or pain. There are many substances that cause irritation, and inflammation of the skin. It may produce redness, swelling, itching and burning of the skin. There are other skin conditions such as allergies, rashes, hives that may be produced when your skin comes in contact with irritants.

People suffer from a variety of skin disorders and diseases. Some of the common skin diseases are:

Sunburn: It is a common skin problem faced by many people due to exposure to the sun. One should avoid exposure by using sun protective creams and lotions.

Blisters: Blisters of all sizes may occur on any part of the skin. The skin appears bumpy and makes the skin look raised. These may be red and irritating.

Acne: It is the most common skin problem that occurs in young individuals. Though it may occur at any age but it commonly affects young individuals. It occurs mainly due to change in hormones.

Bruises: Bruises may occur due to some injury or accumulation of blood in the skin. It occurs when there is obstruction to the flow of blood.

Chilblains: These mainly occur during winters. Skin becomes painful, and itchy. There are bumps on fingers and toes during cold weather.

Dermatitis: It is also a common skin disease that may occur due to some allergen. It causes much redness, itching and burning of the skin.

Eczema: It is a common skin problem that occurs due to weak immune system. It is an autoimmune disorder and occurs when immune cells start affecting healthy cells of the body.

Psoriasis: It is also a skin disorder that occurs due to weak immunity. Skin becomes white and flaky. There is itching on the affected body part.

Ringworm: It is a fungal skin infection and red colored round patches in the form of a ring are formed on different parts of the skin.

The skin is made up of several layers. Skin performs many functions in human body. It helps to keep us cool during summers by evaporation of sweat from the body. It also helps to remove the excessive salts and toxins. It is important to keep our skin healthy to prevent internal organs from diseases. Skin is the main route through which germs and disease causing microorganisms enter into our body. Thus, skin is an important organ that helps to keep our body fit and healthy.

Causes of skin disorders and diseases

  • Skin diseases are generally caused by viral or bacterial infection.
  • It may also occur due to physiological imbalance of the skin.
  • Some chemical substances present in cosmetic products can also produce skin irritation. It occurs when there is prolonged exposure to chemical irritants.
  • One should use natural skin care products to protect skin from the harmful effects of the sun and environmental pollutants.

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