Pyorrhea is a common dental problem. It is an advanced form of periodontal disease. It causes infection in the gums that supports teeth. It should be controlled in time to prevent serious complications. Long lasting pyorrhea can lead to loss of teeth. People of all ages may suffer from this disease. Many people search on the web for how to treat periodontal disease. There are different kinds of treatments available for treating this disease. Home remedies are also useful for the treatment of gum disease. One should use natural home remedies to treat periodontal disease.

Causes of Pyorrhea

There are different factors that can produce periodontal disease. The most common cause of pyorrhea is lack of dental hygiene. People who fail to maintain good dental hygiene often suffer from this condition. Bacteria start growing in the mouth with poor dental hygiene. Bacteria feeds on the ruminants of food items left in the mouth and teeth after meals. Growth of bacteria leads to the infection and swelling of gums. This produces bad effect on the structure of tooth. With the progression of the disease, the gums become weak and teeth loosen.

Poor diet is also responsible for producing pyorrhea. People who eat a lot of sweet things especially at night may suffer from this problem. Sweet things stick to the teeth and are not removed. Bacteria thrive fast on sweets and give rise to inflammation of the gums and teeth.

Chewing tobacco is also an important cause of periodontal disease. It remains stick to the teeth and produces bad effects on gums and teeth.

Improper technique of brushing can also give rise to infection in the teeth. People who brush their teeth in a hurry can also suffer from periodontal disease as it is not possible to remove food stick to the teeth in a hurry.

Some other factors that can lead to periodontal disease include gum injuries, allergies, infections, chronic illnesses, and glandular disorders.

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Symptoms of periodontal disease

Pyorrhea does not any pain in most cases. It also does not produce much discomfort to the person. As the condition progresses following symptoms of periodontal disease may be noticed:

  • Gums become swollen, red and tender
  • There may be bleeding from the gums
  • Discharge of pus may be present in extreme cases
  • A person may experience difficulty in brushing of teeth

Home remedies for gum disease

Gum disease may be prevented by using home remedies. Home remedies for gum disease are safe to use and produce effective results. Some effective home remedies for gum disease are:

  • Chew an unripe piece of guava or if you do not find it, you can also chew a guava leaf to stop bleeding from the gums.
  • Take one cup of spinach juice and mix it with one cup of carrot juice. Drink it regularly to avoid gum disease.
  • Eat a banana with thread like peel inside to prevent the formation of plaques.
  • Rub orange peels over your gums. It helps in reducing inflammation. You can also use lemon peels if orange peels are not available.
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