Poor Weight Gain

Many people suffer from weight gain problems. They have reduced weight as compared to their age and height. They start searching on the internet for how to gain healthy weight. There are many ways by which you can gain weight naturally. Reduced weight can create many other health problems. Therefore, it is very important to maintain healthy weight to live happy and healthy life. People suffering from weight gain problems may also present other symptoms. They may complain of tiredness and weakness of the body. Reduced body weight is also responsible for other systemic health problems such as diabetes, low blood pressure, thyroidism, etc. Women suffering from low body weight may also suffer from anemia and menstrual problems. It is very important to determine the cause of low body weight to get the right treatment.

Causes of low body weight

There are different causes of low body weight. Some of the important causes of reduced body weight are:

  • Poor nutrition or lack of proper nutrients in the diet is responsible for producing low body weight. People who do not eat the right kind of food may have reduced body weight.
  • Stress and depression is also responsible for producing low body weight. There is reduced digestion and absorption of the food that leads of low body weight.
  • There are some diseases that can also produce low body weight. People suffering from digestive problems such as crohn’s disease, peptic ulcers, intestinal diseases, etc can also lead to low body weight.
  • Irregular meals also produce digestion problems that can produce low body weight.

Symptoms of low body weight

People suffering from low body weight may present certain symptoms. Some of the common symptoms that may be associated with reduced body weight are:

  • Weakness and tiredness is the most common symptom. People with low body weight often complain of fatigue and weakness in the body.
  • Headache may occur due to reduced body weight and insufficient supply of nutrients to the body cells. There is reduced supply of oxygen to the brain. Heart may be weak due to which there is reduced supply of energy and oxygen to the cells.
  • Children who suffer from weight gain problems may also have weak eyesight. They have weak bones and fall easily. Fractures are also common in people suffering from weight gain problems.
  • People with low body weight are also prone to suffer from recurrent infections and diseases. They may also have weak immune system.

How to gain healthy weight?

People with low body weight can gain healthy weight by using natural remedies and changing lifestyle. Some useful tips are given here that may help to gain normal body weight:

  • Eat nutritious diet and eat healthy food to supply proper nutrients to all body cells.
  • One should avoid drinking alcohol and smoking to maintain healthy body weight.
  • Exercise also helps in proper functioning of all the body organs.
  • One should drink more water for proper functioning of all the body organs and to remove toxins from the body cells.
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