Poor Memory

Many people suffer from poor memory. It is a common problem in older people as a process of ageing. People start losing memory due to degeneration of brain cells. There are many neurological diseases in which people have weak memory. Common neurological problems in which people may suffer from memory problems are Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, etc. Dementia or weak memory is also a common problem in some children. Children suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, etc may also have poor memory. Many people are not able to concentrate and retain things in their mind for a very long time. Poor memory may also occur due to decreased supply of blood to the brain. Children suffering from memory problems may suffer from weak concentration. They often search for how to increase intelligence. There are many natural remedies that help to increase memory and concentration in children.

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Causes of poor memory

Poor memory is a natural process that occurs due to ageing. But, children may also suffer from poor memory due to reduced supply of oxygen to the brain. It may occur due to some brain diseases. Children suffer from poor memory due to some head injury or any other neurological disorder. It is very important to determine the cause of poor memory to get the right treatment.

Memory improvement tips

Adults and children can improve memory by following the given memory improvement tips. These tips can naturally help to improve memory:

Children should eat a well balanced diet for supplying proper nutrients to the brain cells. Lack of nutrition is the major cause of poor memory in children.

Meditation and yoga exercise also helps in increasing memory. Children should do meditation and simple yoga exercise to get rid of memory problems.

Children should avoid using too much mobile phones and video games as these electrical gadgets make their mind dull. They should go out for doing physical exercise. It helps to enhance the supply of oxygen to the brain.

Good sleep is also necessary for improving memory. Children and adults suffering from poor memory should take proper sleep to improve memory.

How to increase intelligence?

There are many ways to increase intelligence. One of the natural ways to increase intelligence is to take Divya Medha vati. This is a wonderful herbal remedy that helps to increase memory. This herbal remedy is absolutely safe and may be taken regularly to increase memory. This herbal remedy increases the supply of blood to the brain cells.


Divya Medha vati also helps to improve concentration in children. It may be taken regularly to improve memory. This remedy provides sufficient nutrition to the brain cells and helps in the improvement of memory.

This is an excellent natural remedy for brain diseases. It may also be taken for neurological disorders. It may also be used in older people who suffer from memory problems.

Divya Medha vati gives proper nutrition to the brain and helps children to give good performance in studies.

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