Poor Height Gain

Are you lagging behind in growth and your friends are growing too fast? If you have tall brothers and sisters and you alone are not growing, you may be wondering to find a solution to your problem. Height of a person is mainly determined by genes. There are many other factors that affect the height of a person. Some of these factors are under the control of a person. Healthy lifestyle, eating habits and other natural techniques can really help you to grow taller naturally. Natural methods can help you to increase height considerably without producing any side effects. Many teenager boys and girls search the web for how to grow taller when they watch their friends showing a growth spurt. Some natural techniques and methods that can help you to increase height are given below.

Causes of Short height

The most important cause of short height is genes. Height largely depends upon the genetic build up of an individual. Therefore, children born to parents with short height may also have shorter height.

Diet also plays an important role in enchaining the height of an individual. Poorly fed children do not get proper nutrition for body growth. It may lead to short height in such children. Lack of exercise is also responsible for short height in children. It can lead to obesity and weight gain that makes a child to look short. Therefore, children should actively take part in sports and should do exercise.

How to become taller?

Learn about some natural techniques and methods to grow taller:

Eat a well balanced diet: If anyone has a plumpy body, he/she will look much shorter. Eating the right kind of food plays an important role in determining your height. It not only helps you to grow taller but also makes you feel better. Growing children should eat a lot of lean proteins. Stay away from pizza, cakes, sweets, etc.

Calcium is important for bone formation. Green leafy vegetables such as spinach and dairy products are rich in calcium. Growing children should get enough vitamin D to promote muscle and bone growth.

Teenagers should do exercise regularly to improve their height. Exercises such as jumping, skipping, dancing, etc. help in improving height. Teenagers can also join a gym that will give you an access to a lot of exercises and muscle building machines. Children can join a sport of their choice to keep their body fit and healthy. It helps to burn extra calories and help their bodies to grow taller.

Adequate Sleep: Sleeping is the best time for your body to grow. Therefore, growing children should take plenty of sleep as it gives more time to their body for growth. Teenagers should sleep at least for 8-9 hours per night. Good sleep also helps in the production of adequate growth hormone.

Good posture: Growing children should keep their posture right while standing and sitting. One should always stand straight and should never hunch back. It will help you to look much taller.

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