Poor Beast Milk Production

Nursing mothers are concerned about proper milk supply to their babies. Many mothers start solid foods due to insufficient milk production. Though, it is not a common problem that a mother produces in sufficient milk for the baby. Mothers believe that if their child is not sleeping enough at night, it must not have enough milk. If a mother has to feed her baby more often, she believes that she may not have enough milk to fee the baby properly. But behavior of a baby is not at all related to the production of milk. If you really want to increase breast milk, your breasts need more stimulation from the baby and you have to make some adjustments for increasing breast milk. Many women search on the internet how I can increase my milk supply. There are different websites that suggest a number of ways for increasing breast milk. Some tips are also given here that may help you to enhance the supply of breast milk:

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How to make more breast milk?

If you are concerned about increasing milk supply in your breasts, you have to make breastfeeding your first priority. Some important tips for increasing the supply of milk in breasts are:

Increase frequency of feeding

Start feeding your baby every two hours during the day for increasing milk supply. If your baby is taking a nap for more than two hours, you can wake up your baby for feeding. At night also, you can increase one feeding. If your baby sleeps for four to five hours at a stretch at night, wake it up for an intermediate feeding spell.

Do not let your breasts to fill up

Mother’s breasts always have milk in them. When you’re feed your baby, milk production increases. Do not wait to fill up your breasts. Offer milk at short intervals. When your baby sucks the nipple, more milk is produced due to increased hormone production.

Nurse for a longer period of time

Do not limit the time length for feeding your baby. Nurse your baby for a longer period of time from each breast. Do not shift your baby too quickly from one breast to another. Let it finish properly with one breast before shifting to another breast.

Night nurse

You can also increase milk supply by taking your baby to bed. You can also relax with your baby. It stimulates more frequent nursing. It also enhances the amount of milk producing hormones.

Drink lots of water

Nursing mothers should drink more water to enhance the supply of milk.


Massage is one of the old traditions used by mothers to enhance the supply of milk. Nursing mothers should massage their breasts regularly to increase the supply of blood.

Thus, you can use the above given tips to increase the milk supply in your breasts. These are all natural techniques and can help you naturally to provide proper amount of milk to your feeding baby.

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