Patanjali Dant Kanti Junior Dental Cream

Patanjali Junior Dental cream is wonderful baby toothpaste. It contains herbal remedies that provide proper minerals to the teeth of children. It helps in proper cleaning of teeth. It is wonderful kids toothpaste that gives a good taste. It helps to give baby tooth care and promotes natural development of teeth in your child. Patanjali Junior Dental cream is a blend of natural herbs that increases the strength of teeth. It gives shining and white teeth to your child. It also helps to protect your child’s teeth from decay and inflammation. Children usually eat candies that cause tooth decay. It helps to clean teeth properly and prevents teeth decay in children. It supplies essential minerals such as calcium and phosphorus to the teeth in children for proper growth and development. Many children complain of tooth pain due to inflammation of gums. Regular use of kids toothpaste helps to prevent tooth decay and gives relief from pain. It is a unique baby tooth paste that helps in the proper formation of teeth and your child may get shining white teeth by using this toothpaste every day.

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Benefits of Patanjali Junior Dental cream

Patanjali Junior Dental cream is especially made for baby tooth care. It contains natural herbs that prevent tooth decay and cavities and children.

  • It is a wonderful baby tooth paste that helps in proper cleaning of teeth in children. They can use this toothpaste regularly to get neat and clean teeth.
  • Children will love the taste of kids toothpaste because it is made up of natural herbs that provide essential minerals for the proper growth of teeth.
  • It provides natural baby tooth care and helps to prevent recurrent pain and inflammation of teeth in children.
  • It also helps to prevent cavities in children by restricting the growth of harmful bacteria. Many children do not brush or wash their mouth after eating candies that may give rise to the growth of bacteria. Brushing teeth with this toothpaste will prevent the growth of bacteria and gives relief from pain and inflammation.
  • It is wonderful kids toothpaste that is absolutely safe for kids. It may be used by children of all ages. It supplies proper minerals such as fluorine, calcium and phosphorus to the teeth for building strong teeth in children.

Cavities in Children

Tooth cavities are very common in children. The most important cause of tooth cavities in children is excessive eating of sugar candies and chocolates. Many children do not brush their teeth properly after eating sugar candies and chocolates. Sugar gets accumulated in the teeth that make a way for the growth of harmful bacteria in the teeth. As soon as bacteria start growing, it produces pain and inflammation in the teeth. Slowly, bacteria start eating up the teeth which produce cavity. Cavities produce most distressing situation in children. They suffer from a lot of pain due to presence of cavities.

There are two sets of teeth in human beings. The first set of teeth that appear at 6 months of age and erupts till the age or 2.5 years are called as milk teeth. These are temporary teeth and 20 in number. Milk teeth start falling at the age of 6 years and continue till the age of 12 years. Milk teeth are replaced by permanent teeth which are 32 in number. These are for life long. If a child gets cavities in permanent teeth, it becomes difficult to prevent the teeth and a child may lose a permanent tooth at an early age. Therefore, it is important that parents should give natural toothpaste such as Patanjali Junior Dental cream to their children. This toothpaste prevents cavities and also strengthens the roots of teeth.

Home remedies for tooth cavity

There are many useful home remedies that may be used by children to prevent tooth cavity. Some useful and important home remedies for preventing tooth cavity are:

  • Give one or two banana everyday to your child. Banana is a rich and natural source of calcium and phosphorus. It helps in proper development of teeth and bones in children.
  • Make sure that your child drinks one or two glasses of milk every day. Milk is also a rich source of natural minerals that support the growth of normal teeth. You can different types of milk shakes for your child.
  • If you child suffers from pain, take one clove and give it to keep it under the painful tooth. It is a wonderful remedy for toothache. It gives immediate relief from toothache.
  • Make sure that your child brushes its teeth two times in a day. Always ask your children to brush their teeth after eating candies and chocolates. This prevents the growth of bacteria in teeth.
  • Give a diet rich in fruits and green leafy vegetables to supply proper nutrients to the body. Minerals such as fluorine, calcium, and phosphorus are necessary for proper growth of teeth.
  • Milk products such as cheese and curd are also good for proper formation of teeth. These also increase the strength of teeth.
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