Patanjali Amla Candy 500GM

Patanjali Amla candy is a natural supplement of vitamin C. It is one of the best vitamin C supplements that help in improving immune system. Amla is known for ages that help in the treatment of diseases of gums. It is mouth freshener and gives relief from bad breath from mouth. Patanjali Amla candy consists of vitamin C and helps to improve digestive system. It is a tasty fruit candy and provides numerous health benefits when eaten regularly. It not only helps in boosting the immune system but also helps in improving the digestive functions of the body. Amla is used in the Indian system of medicine for a longer time period due to its innumerable health properties. It protects the body from harmful effects of the free radicals as it is a rich source of natural anti-oxidants. Amla is a natural and best vitamin c supplement and improve digestive system by calming the stomach lining.

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Benefits of Patanjali Amla Candy

This sweet candy is a useful remedy for improving immune system. It is a rich source of vitamin C and helps in boosting up energy and protecting the cells from damage.

Vitamin C is useful in protecting the body from harmful effects of the free radicals and preventing the signs of ageing. It prevents cell degeneration and gives a younger and fresh looking skin.

Amla is also a good herb for improving the vision.

Vitamin C boosts up the immune system and prevents your body from recurrent infections. Amla is a useful herbal remedy for children who suffer from attacks of cough and cold regularly. When amla is given regularly to children it boosts up their immunity and prevents recurrent attacks of infection.

Patanjali Amla candy is useful for preventing digestive diseases. Regular eating of this sweet candy helps in improving digestive functions. It prevents constipation and helps in easy digestion of food.

Patanjali Amla candy supplies essential nutrients to the body and helps in preventing diseases. It increases the strength and energy of the body cells and helps the body organs to function optimally.

Indications for Patanjali amla candy

  • Indicated for any type of digestive disorders
  • It is useful for constipation and indigestion
  • Useful for excessive gas formation and pain in the stomach
  • May be given to children who complains about loss of appetite and frequent pain in the stomach
  • Indicated for bad breath from the mouth
  • Indicated for maintaining healthy gums and teeth
  • Useful for preventing recurrent infection
  • Helps in boosting up the immunity and energy of the body
  • Indicated for maintain healthy and glowing skin
Advantages of Patanjali amla candy

The most important advantage of this candy is that it is suitable for people of all ages. Even children can eat this candy as it is natural and safe and does not produce any side effects.

Another advantage is that it may be taken regularly and for a longer period of time as it does not produce any harm to other parts of the body.

It provides natural supplements to the body for proper functioning.

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