tension headaches

Headache is the most common problem. Headache may be caused by a variety of reasons. Headache is also a symptom with other chronic problems. Home remedies for headache provide natural headache cures. People suffering from recurrent headache attacks may try home remedies to prevent tension headaches. Home remedies are absolutely safe and natural and do not produce any side effects. Effective home remedies for headache are given below:

  • Grind a few tulsi leaves, ginger and peppercorn. Eat one pinch of the powder everyday with a glass of water to prevent recurrent attacks of headache.
  • Massage the patient’s head with eucalyptus oil. It is an excellent natural remedy for headache. It increases the supply of blood the head and eases pain quickly.
  • Ginger tea is an effective home remedy to get relief from headache. It is anti-inflammatory and also boosts up the immune system to give immediate relief from headache.
  • Massage the patient’s head with coconut oil or almond oil to supply proper nutrients to the brain and getting relief from headache.
  • Take cinnamon powder and add water to this to prepare paste. Apply this paste on forehead. It soothes the mind and gives quick relief from headache.

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Natural headache cures

Herbal remedies offer natural headache cures. Herbal remedies are safe and may be taken on a regular basis to prevent headache. Natural remedies are prepared from natural herbs that supply nutrition to the brain and help to get rid of recurrent headache attacks. The package of herbal remedies for headache consists of the following natural remedies for headache:

1. Divya Medha Kvatha: It is found to be an excellent remedy to get quick relief from headache. It supplies nutrients to the brain and helps to get rid of frequent headache attacks. It is a wonderful herbal remedy.

2. Divya Moti pisti: It is believed to be a safe and natural remedy for headache. It helps to boosts up the immune system. It gives relief from headache by increasing the supply of blood to the head. It also helps to increase memory and concentration.

3. Divya Pravala Pisti: It is believed to be a traditional herbal remedy for the frequent attacks of headache. It may be taken regularly to get rid of headache. It is a natural remedy for headache for people of all ages. It is a wonderful remedy for tension headaches.

4. Divya Godanti Bhasma: It may be used on a regular basis to supply proper nutrients to the brain cells and to prevent recurrent headache attacks. It is a natural remedy that increases blood to the head and also improves memory and concentration.

5. Divya Medha Vati: It is believed to be a unique herbal remedy that supplies proper nutrition to the brain cells. It helps to get rid of recurrent attacks of headache.

Dosage and method of administration

1. For remedy no. 1, take 400 ml of water and boil till it reduces to 100 ml. Take it every day, two times in a day.

2. Mix remedies 2, 3, and 4 together and divide into 60 equal parts. Take each part two times in a day with honey or a glass of water before food.

3. Take 2-2 pills from the 5th remedy two times in a day with water or warm milk after food.


Headache may be caused by a different reason in every individual. It is necessary to investigate the duration and frequency of headache for the right diagnosis. People take a pain killer to reduce pain. It is not a permanent solution of the problem. It gives temporary relief from headache. Regular intake of pain killers can produce many side effects on the other parts of the body. Home remedies and natural remedies can address the root cause of the problem to prevent recurrent attacks and to give long lasting results. People are switching to alternative methods of treatment to solve their health problems. Alternative therapies are safe and provide quick relief from headache.

There are many other health problems that may produce continuous attacks of headache. Tension headaches are common in young people. They feel recurrent headache attacks due to tension in the mind. Stress is the most important cause of tension h headaches. Young adults remain under stress due to work that produces tension headaches. Children suffer from headache attacks due to weak eyesight. It is important to determine the exact cause of headache to get rid of it naturally.

Headache symptoms

Headache is a symptom and it may be accompanied by a number of other symptoms. Such symptoms may occur during headache attacks. Some important symptoms associated with headache are:

  • Pain may occur at only on one side. There is severe pain in the head.
  • Nausea and vomiting may also occur during headache. There is loss of appetite and patient does not want to eat anything.
  • Patient becomes irritable and annoyed. There is no desire to talk.
  • Congestion of head is also a symptom present during headache.
  • Eyes become red and painful during headache attacks.


Recurrent headache attacks may be prevented by taking some precautions and by changing lifestyle and dietary habits. One should take proper sleep at night to refresh mind in the morning. Meditation is a wonderful alternative therapy to get rid of recurrent headache attacks. Meditation increases blood supply to the brain. Healthy diet and exercise is also important for maintaining optimum health. People should avoid reading and writing in dim light. Children should also study in sufficient light to prevent any strain on head. One should try to study in the natural light if possible. People who drink alcohol should avoid drinking too much alcohol as it can reduce blood supply to the brain and can lead headache.

One should avoid working continuously in front of computer. They should take rest in between their busy schedule to relax their mind. Children should be advised to watch television from a distance. Sitting at a close distance in front of television is a major cause of weak eyesight in children that can ultimately lead to recurrent headache attacks. One should eat healthy diet containing all the nutrients. Food increases the supply of blood to the brain and prevents recurrent attacks of headache. Children should drink milk and eat healthy food to prevent headache attacks and to live healthy life.

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