Mental Retardation

Mental retardation may occur due to different reasons. Some children are mentally retarded by birth whereas other may develop this problem during their life. Herbal remedies help in the treatment for mental retardation. Natural remedies can help to prevent mental retardation in children. It is important to diagnose the mental retardation. Early diagnosis helps in the recovery. Parents should consult a physician to get the right treatment for mental retardation. Herbal remedies that are useful for the treatment of mental retardation are:

Divya Medha Vati: This is unique herbal remedy that helps in improving memory and concentration. It is a wonderful remedy for mental retardation. It supplies natural nutrients to the brain and helps in proper development of the brain cells. It supplies proper oxygen to the brain cells for normal functioning.

Divya Asvagandha Curna: It is a traditional herbal remedy for boosting up energy and immune system. It helps to develop the motor skills and also improves the mental ability. It helps in preventing the damage of the brain cells if given early in life. It is a wonderful herbal remedy for children suffering from learning disorders.

Divya Moti Pisti: It is a useful herbal remedy that enhances the strength of bones and muscles. It improves the mental ability and also enhances the concentration of children. It is a useful remedy to build muscular strength and for proper brain development in weak children.

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Divya Pravala Pisti: It may be taken regularly to get rid of mental disabilities in children. It is helpful for children with weak memory and other physical disabilities. It enhances the strength of the muscles and leads to proper development of the body parts. It also helps to improve digestive system.

Divya Amrta / Giloy Sattva / Gulvel Satva: It is a unique herbal remedy that is useful for the treatment of behavior disorders in children. It improves memory and provides proper nutrition to the brain cells. It also increases the supply of oxygen to the brain cells for proper development.

Divya Rajata Bhasma: It is a natural ayurvedic herbal remedy to boost up the immune system. It prevents mental disorders and other nervous disease. It is a useful remedy for children who are overactive. It is a wonderful remedy for mental disorders. It may be taken along with other herbal remedies for proper development in children. It also helps to improve the communication skills in children.

Divya Medha Kvatha: It is an important natural remedy for improving brain functions. It provides nutrients to the brain cells. It promotes healthy development of the brain cells. It improves the cognitive abilities in children. It is a natural remedy to provide proper nutrition to the brain cells.

What is mental retardation?

Mental retardation is a condition in which a person is unable to live a normal life. These are special individuals who suffer from other problems. There is a lot of difficulty for family members in dealing with the mental retarded individuals. They have to face many hardships in life. Mentally retarded children needs special care and they have to learn different skills to cope with the difficulties of life. Special children have special needs and parents have to understand the needs of their children. There are special schools for special children and they can be sent to such schools for their proper growth and development. Herbal remedies also help in the prevention of mental retardation in children. Herbal remedies are safe and natural and may be given regularly to children for the proper development.

Mental retardation causes

Mental retardation is diagnosed early in life. If there is slow development of a child as compared to other children of the same age, parents should immediately consult a physician to diagnose any abnormality. In weak children, there are delayed milestones, slow development and decreased mental ability. The degrees of mental retardation may vary from mild to severe. Some children have mild mental retardation and they can do some of their daily routine work independently. Children who are severely mentally retarded are unable to perform their daily routine work without any assistance. All these are mental retardation facts. It is important to determine the degree of mental retardness so that one may start the right treatment at the right time. Some of the important causes of mental retardation are as follows:

  • Many children suffer from congenital abnormalities. It means diseases that are present at the time of the birth such as congenital rubella, etc.
  • Inflammation of the different layers of the brain can also produce mental retardation. Meningitis, encephalitis affects the normal functioning of the brain.
  • Parents who suffer from HIV may give birth to mental retarded children. It is very important to do screening of the parents before conception.
  • Abnormal chromosomes may be present in some children that may lead to mental retardation in children.
  • Sometimes environmental factors such as deprivation, family problems, may also produce mental disabilities in children.
  • Metabolic diseases such as wheat allergy, liver disorders, may also produce improper digestion of the food. It may also cause decreased nutrition that can lead to mental retardation. Jaundice at the time of birth is an important cause of mental retardation in children.
  • Many children do not get proper nutrition at the time of birth. This leads to slow development of the brain and can lead to learning disabilities in children. Poverty is the main cause of learning disabilities in children.
  • Certain types of fever can also affect the normal functioning of the brain. Typhoid fever, brain fever, etc. are the main causes of mental retardation in children.
  • Toxic condition of the brain or other parts of the body can also cause mental disabilities. Toxicity produces low supply of oxygen to the brain cells and can lead to mental retardation.
  • Any trauma to the brain before or during the birth can also produce mental retardation in children.

Signs of mental retardation

Mental retardation can be easily recognized by the presence of following signs in an individual:

  • Children who do not mature with age and shows childish behaviour may suffer from mental retardation. There is low development of the brain.
  • Child may show poor performance in the school.
  • There is decreased intellectual performance.
  • Child may show poor development of milestones.
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