Makeup Application Tips to Be Followed By Beginners

Makeup having all the power to show magic, but if it is not done with perfection, then possibly you would get the more clown like looks. Learning makeup is not a mystery. To apply basic natural makeup, one needed makeup sets so that brushes for makeup can provide you with flawless results. It is true that makeup can be applied even using the fingertips, but when the flawless results are needed, then right tools can do work in favour of you.

Laying Groundwork- To start, you need to make sure the skin where you wanted to apply makeup is clean. So, using a gentle cleanser, need to wipe out entire impurities from the skin.

Use a light Moisturizer- Before started using the makeup sets, make sure the skin is not too dry and if dryness is there, then make sure you would have moisturize that well. After moisturizing, wait for five minutes and apply foundation. It’s not that always highly prized products are good only because sometimes cheap makeup products are good for skin, the task is to choose the one apt for you.

Foundation Steps- Apply some foundation on the fingertip and lightly spot that all around the facial and neck area using the fingertips. Make sure, you would have covered areas like cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. You can either make that blend using fingers or try out brushes for makeup from center to all directions.

Concealer under Eyes- Using small pointed brush make a triangle with concealer. Make sure you would have covered the areas of dark circles under eyes with same. Using brush take that out from inside. This simple and cheap makeup product can give complete coverage from the blemishes and other spots that make your beauty spoilt.

Set The Concealer Using Translucent Powder- Apply the powder to the face, using brushes for makeup in a pressing motion. Make sure you use the powder brush so that excess can be avoided.

Apply an Eye Shadow- Try out the neutral shades of eye shadow and using round shadow brush from the makeup sets make quick wipes across the lid. Make that work up to brow bone. The shadow need to go from the lash line to beyond the inner crease. Make that fade towards the bone. You can make that properly settled up using thin translucent powder.

Eyeliner Application- You can use the cheap makeup to beautify the eyes and for purpose, take a black or brown pencil and make that apply along the rim of upper lash line. Lift the upper lid, using a hand and apply the liner using another hand. This would give confident look to the eyes. So, make sure you keep the factors like texture, colors and line application aptly.

Curl your Lashes- Using a lash curler, curl the base of the upper eyelashes and make that press for next five seconds. After that apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes with the tip of the wand which go towards the outer corner of the eyes. Apply single coat for completing the look.

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