Kidney Problem

Symptoms of kidney problems

Are you suffering from a kidney problem? If yes, you may start taking this package of herbal remedies to treat your problem. This package consists of herbal remedies that stimulate your kidneys and help in normal functioning. You may take these herbal remedies regularly to get rid of kidney problem. All the herbal remedies in this package are natural and do not produce any side effects. The natural remedies for kidney failure help to boost up the health of the kidneys naturally. These remedies help to balance the hormones and stimulate normal functioning of the kidneys. The package for kidney problem consists of the following natural remedies for kidney failure:

Divya Vrkka dosa Hara Kvatha: This is a wonderful herbal remedy for the treatment of kidney disease. It supports the normal functioning and rejuvenates the kidneys. It is one of the best herbal remedies for the treatment of kidney disease.

Divya Giloy Satva: It is a natural remedy for any kind of kidney problem. It may be taken alone or in combination with other herbal remedies for the treatment of any kidney disease. It provides nutrition to the kidneys and helps in normal functioning.

Divya Basanta Kusumakara Rasa: It is a natural supplement for kidneys. It helps in optimum functioning of the kidneys. It provides nutrition to the kidney cells and help in quick recovery from any kidney problem.

Divya Hajarula Yahuda Bhasma: It is a wonderful herbal remedy for the diseases of kidneys. It provides relief from kidney problem without producing any side effects. It is a natural herbal remedy that helps in balancing the kidney functions.

Divya Punarnavadi Mandura: It is a unique herbal remedy to support the kidneys. It helps to restore the kidney functioning by providing nutrients to the kidneys. It supplies the natural nutrients that help to restore normal functioning.

Divya Chardra Prabha vati: It is a wonderful herbal remedy for the treatment of kidney problems. It may be taken regularly to boost the kidneys. It supports kidneys and helps in normal functioning.

Divya Goksuradi Guggulu: This is one of the best natural remedies for kidney failure. It helps to restore the functions of the kidneys in a natural way. It is a great herbal remedy for overall improvement of the renal functions.

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Kidney Problem

Kidneys are two bean shaped organs located just below the rib cage, near the middle of back. The functioning unit of the kidneys is called as nephron. There are millions of nephrons in each kidney that filter blood. They remove the waste materials from the body in the form of urine. Most kidney diseases affect the functioning of the nephrons. When nephrons become damaged, it becomes difficult for the kidneys to remove the waste material from the body and this can give rise to other complications. People who suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure are prone to suffer from chronic kidney disease. It occurs slowly over the passage of time. Other kidney problems that may occur include: Cancer, Stones, infections, cysts, etc.

What causes kidney disease?

There are different causes of kidney diseases. Some of the common causes of kidney disease are given below:

Systemic diseases: People who suffer from other systemic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, liver disorders are prone to suffer from different kidney problems.

Genetic predisposition: Sometimes kidney problems run in families. Members of the same family or children born to the parents who suffer from chronic kidney problem are prone to suffer from kidney diseases.

Diet: People who eat high salty diet are prone to suffer from kidney problems. High salt in the diet can affect the functioning of kidneys.

Prescription drugs: There are some prescription drugs that affect the normal functioning of the kidneys. There are many medications for diabetic people that have a negative effect on the kidney functioning.

Lack of exercise: Lack of exercise may produce obesity that may be a cause of kidney problems.

Symptoms of kidney problems

People suffering from kidney problems may have same symptoms. The symptoms of kidney problems can be easily recognized. It is better to get urine and blood tests done for definite diagnosis. Common symptoms of kidney problems are:

  • Weakness and tiredness.
  • Swelling of ankles, feet, hands and swelling under the eyes is the most common symptom of kidney problem due to water retention.
  • Shortness of breath may occur due to high blood pressure of decreased flow of blood in the body. It may also occur due to accumulation of salts in the body.
  • Nausea is a common symptom in some kidney problems.
  • Blood in the urine is an indication of some infection or kidney stones.
  • There is difficulty in passing urine. Amount of urine becomes low. Some people also complain or pain while passing urine.
  • Reduced appetite and weight starts reducing slowly.

Prevention of kidney problems

People suffering from kidney problems may take some precautions to prevent damage to the kidneys. Some important tips are given here that may help you to prevent kidney diseases:

  • Avoid eating too much salt in the diet. This helps to prevent and control kidney diseases.
  • People suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure should drink more water to remove excessive salts from their body.
  • One should avoid taking too many prescription drugs. Consult a qualified physician before taking any medicine.
  • Drink more water to remove the extra salts from the body.
  • One should do exercise to remain active. Physical activity helps to promote proper functioning of the body organs.
  • People suffering from kidney problem should eat low potassium in diet.
  • Avoid eating high proteins in the diet. Too much fat can also aggravate the kidney problem.
  • Alcohol drinking and cigarette smoking should be avoided because this can aggravate the symptoms of kidney disease.
  • Cranberry juice is an excellent home remedy for the treatment of kidney problem. People suffering from kidney problem should drink cranberry juice every day.
  • Dandelion root is also a useful home remedy for kidney problems. It helps in removing excessive fluid from the body in a natural manner.
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