Insomnia refers to inability to get a refreshing sleep. When a person is not able to sleep or there is loss of sleep, it is referred to as insomnia. Insomnia can be easily treated by taking natural remedies. There are many natural insomnia remedies that help to get sleep naturally. Natural insomnia remedies do not produce any side effects and may be taken regularly to improve sleep. Shankhapushpi also known as Aloe weed in English is an excellent herbal remedy for insomnia. This acts as a brain tonic and is a wonderful herbal remedy that stimulates brain. It also helps in improving memory and concentration. It works as a rejuvenation remedy and tranquilizer. It is a wonderful herb for the people who suffer from loss of sleep. This remedy may be taken regularly to get regular sleep. This herb induces a feeling of peace and calmness to the brain and promotes normal sleep. It gives quick relief from mental anxiety and also balances the hormones.

Sleeping disorders

There are different types of sleeping disorders. Insomnia is one of the common sleeping disorders. It occurs in people of all ages at some point of life. The cause of insomnia may be different in different individuals. When a person has difficult in falling sleep or there is complete loss of sleep, it is termed as insomnia. Insomnia may result in other health problems. When a person does not feel fresh due to disturbed sleep, the functioning of other organs is also affected. Some people suffer from acute insomnia. Acute insomnia occurs over a short period of time and it is temporary. It occurs mainly due to unavoidable circumstances and may go away when the circumstances become normal.

Chronic insomnia is another type of loss of sleep that occurs for a longer period of time. In this a person may suffer from loss of sleep over a longer period of time. Chronic insomnia may result in other diseases.

Causes of insomnia

Different people may have a different cause of loss of sleep. Some of the important causes of insomnia are:

  • Many times people have to get up early in the morning due to their busy schedule. As they have to wake up early, they do not sleep properly at night. They get disturbed sleep as they keep checking time. This results in tiredness and weakness during the day.
  • Children may suffer from loss of sleep during their exams. Many people have work stress due to which they are not able to get proper sleep.
  • Jet lag is one of the important causes of acute insomnia. People who travel a lot from one place to another may suffer from loss of sleep.
  • When a person changes place of sleeping, it may result in sleep disturbance. Many people face this problem that when they have to sleep at a new place they do not get proper sleep.
  • Snoring is another important cause of loss of sleep in many people. Snoring blocks the respiratory passages and due to this a person has to wake up at night several times due to which their sleep gets disturbed.
  • Other illnesses such as chronic pain, surgical operation, breathlessness, indigestion, cramps can also produce loss of sleep.
  • Certain conventional remedies also disturb sleep. People who take conventional remedies for other health problems may have loss of sleep.

Symptoms of insomnia

Insomnia may occur at any time and it may be accompanied with other symptoms. Chronic insomnia may result in other health problems. Some of the important symptoms of insomnia are:

  • People feel tried and lethargic throughout the day due to insufficient sleep.
  • Lack of concentration is an important symptom of people suffering from loss of sleep.
  • Headache is a common symptom of insomnia.
  • People who do not get proper sleep may become irritable. They do not take any interest in their work and may show anger.
  • There is loss of appetite due to improper functioning of the digestive organs.
  • A person loses interest in doing the daily tasks.

General tips to prevent insomnia

One can get proper sleep by making changes in lifestyle. One can easily get rid of sleeping problems by following some general tips. Some important tips are given here that may help in preventing insomnia:

  • Meditation is one of the important ways of improving sleep. People who suffer from loss of sleep should do meditation for half an hour everyday to get proper sleep at night. It calms down the brain and also helps in balancing the stress hormones.
  • Melatonin is a hormone that is necessary for normal sleep. Intake of melatonin supplements also help to improve sleep patterns.
  • Avoid drinking tea and coffee at night as these are stimulants and can disturb normal sleep pattern.
  • Yoga asana also helps in improving breathing patterns. It also helps to get rid of snoring. Relaxation exercises calms the brain and helps in getting normal sleep.
  • One should remain physically active during the day. More physical work during the day helps you to get a good sleep at night.
  • Eat a well balanced diet. A nutritious diet provides energy to the body and also helps in normal functioning of all body parts including brain.
  • Alcohol and smoking should be completely avoided by the people who suffer from loss of sleep.
  • One should eat foods rich in magnesium such as almonds, banana, green leafy vegetables, etc. One should drink more water during the daytime as it helps in removing the chemicals out of the body. Water helps in detoxification and helps to improve digestive functions that help people to get proper sleep.
  • One should avoid taking a nap during the day time. Always go to your bed when you feel sleepy. Do not keep the lights on when you are in your bed. Make your bedroom a relaxing place so that you can get good sleep at night.
  • Reading is a good habit before sleep. Reading stimulates sleep and helps you to get good sleep.
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