How To Treat One Of The Most Common Pain In A Natural Way: The Migraine Herbal Treatment

To find migraine herbal treatment is becoming, nowadays, very very important for millions of people. This is because; migraine is one of the most common existing pathology: it is the third in order of diffusion and the sixth reason of disability in the word.

Often it is confused with a simple headache but it is much more than this because, its pain, throbbing and pulsing can be so much debilitating that, more than 90% of affected, is not able to work or study or do anything until it doesn’t go away.

The most frequent causes of migraine are: stress, alcohol, depression, smoking, menstruation, fatigue, emotional upsets and a poor nutritious diet. If it is not well treated it can cause serious problem, even the brain stroke.

It easy to understand, therefore, how important is to find or to try to find, natural solutions to solve it.

In ancient time, even before Christ, it was very common to use, against the migraine, a kind of plant, even used against the fever, called Feverfew. People used to boil the leaves together with flowers and stems and drinking the extract.

In East Europe and in Asia, the most common migraine herbal treatment was the butterbur.

Today, even if we don’t know, there are a lot of herbs that we regularly use and that can help us to fight the migraine.

Peppermint for example: used even for toothaches, nausea and stomach problems.

Even Ginger root is becoming very common to reduce the pains caused by migraine because of its anti-inflammatory effects.

Caffeine and green tea work as a vasodilator, allowing a better circulation of the blood and, as a consequence, migraine pain decrease.

Other common migraine herbal treatment are the valerian, chamomile tea, cayenne infused oil and the coriander seeds.

A good way to reduce the migraine pain is to massage a balm containing cayenne powder into the temples for some minutes, better if in a room where there are no much light or noises and closing the eyes.

Even aromatherapy is therapeutic for migraine; especially useful are the rosemary and juniper oils but also peppermint essential oil.

A certain numbers of studies showed even that, eating or drinking some supplements, can be useful to reduce and also prevent the migraine causes.

A balanced diet, with the right add of magnesium for example, plays an important role on it.

We can find magnesium in spices, nuts, coffee, tea and vegetables.

Even Vitamin B2 is useful because of its antioxidant properties and we can find it in lean meat, eggs and legumes.

It is important to know that, even if migraine herbal treatment can help to reduce the pain, it is a good thing to avoid of using an enormous and not controlled quantity of medicines, to wait to take medicines until the pain is terrible, to sleep often and for short periods during the day, to use strong perfumes, to chew for long time, to use alcohol, a lot of salt and to smoke.

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