How to Stop My Hair From Falling Out and Thinning Using Natural Means?

Healthy hair is a sign of beauty and also makes a person look young and charming. Without a good amount of volume in hair, one looks older than the actual age and receding hairline can even make one lose his or her self confidence.

If you are suffering from the dreaded problem of excessive hair fall and are desperately searching for a solution to the question “How to stop my hair from falling out and thinning?”, then you must acquaint yourself with some amazing natural methods that can easily give you lustrous hair that radiate health and beauty at best. Using natural methods is considered as an ideal way to overcome the problem of excessive hair fall as it does the job of strengthening the hair follicles without producing any kind of adverse reaction. Moreover, it is also a much cheaper mode of achieving the needed results as compared to their synthetic counterparts.

A few natural ways that can help you find the most sensible answer to the query “How to stop my hair from falling out and thinning?” are given as follows:

  1. Apply egg on hair: Applying egg on hair is one of the most effective ways to provide the needed protein to the tresses. It provides the needed nourishment to the locks while coating them with a protective shield. Regular application of egg mask on the hair is known to give them a unique shine and bounce.
  2. Use herbal shampoos: If you truly love your hair then stop putting all those harmful chemicals in them in hopes of making them more beautiful and healthy. Instead, you should opt for herbal cleansers and conditioners that remove all the dirt and debris from the tresses without making them rough or brittle. The exotic ingredients like amla, reetha and shikakayi present in these shampoos also address the problem of excessive hair fall successfully.
  3. Apply onion juice on hair: This is one of the best tried and tested remedies for reducing hair fall and boosting hair growth. Applying onion juice on the scalp twice a week is known to enhance the quantity of hair and is also linked with stronger hair follicles. Use it on the bald patches or areas experiencing excessive shedding of hair, let it stay for 30 minutes and then wash with mild cold water.

All these remedies provide an effective solution to the question “How to stop my hair from falling out and thinning?”

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