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Otorrhagia, Tympanitis & Deafness

Loss of Hearing

Home remedies are very useful in getting rid of ear problems such as otorrhagia, tympanitis and deafness. Home remedies are available at home easily and can be taken regularly to get rid of ear pain and other ear problems. Home remedies provide quick relief and help to get rid of pain and other symptoms of ear problems. Important home remedies for preventing ear problems are:

  • Take one onion and crush it. Take out its juice and instill one drop in each ear to get rid of pain and inflammation of the ear. It has antibiotic properties and helps to kill germs.
  • Garlic juice is also believed to be a wonderful home remedy to get rid of pain and inflammation. It also has antibiotic properties and gives relief from recurrent infections.
  • People suffering from inflammation of the middle ear should drink a glass of pineapple juice everyday to get rid of pain and inflammation.
  • Roast one teaspoon of mustard oil with a piece of clove. Instill one drop of this oil in each ear to reduce inflammation and get rid of pain.
  • Add one teaspoon of mustard oil in one teaspoon of garlic extract. Put one drop of this mixture in the affected ear to get rid of tympanitis and otorrhagia.
  • Grind a few fenugreek seeds to make powder. Take one teaspoon of mustard oil and heat the powder in it. Now, strain it properly and put one drop in the affected ear to improve hearing.
  • Keep a warm cloth near the ear to get relief from pain.

How to cure Otorrhagia, Tympanitis or Deafness ?

There are many natural and effective ways to cure deafness. Herbs play an important role in boosting up the immune system and preventing recurrent infections of the ear. Herbal remedies are safe and may be used on a regular basis to get rid of ear infections. Herbal remedies also provide relief from pain and bleeding from the ear. The package for otorrrhagia, tympanitis and deafness consists of herbal and safe remedies for preventing ear infections. All the herbs in this package are effective and safe to prevent recurrent ear infections. The natural remedies of this package are:

1. Divya Sarivadi vati: This is a natural herb that helps to prevent recurrent infections of the ear. It is believed to be a wonderful herb for boosting up the immune system. It provides quick relief from pain and inflammation of the ear. It is a very good herbal remedy for ear problems such as bleeding from the ear and pain. It is a safe remedy and may be taken by the people of all ages to prevent ear infections.

2. Divya Chandra Prabha vati: This herbal remedy also helps in preventing recurrent infection with bacteria and other germs. It prevents loss of hearing by quick healing of any injury or trauma to the ear. It helps to get rid of ear pain and swelling. It also provides immediate relief from ear infections.

3. Divya Silajita Rasayana vati: It is a wonderful natural remedy for otorrhagia, tympanitis and hearing loss. It prevents temporary hearing loss. It prevents recurrent infections of the ear. It helps to get rid of pain and bleeding from the ear. It is a suitable remedy for people of all ages. It boosts up the immune system and acts as a general body tonic to enhance strength. This herbal remedy has been used traditionally for boosting up general health of a person.

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Dosage and mode of administration

It is recommended to take one table from medicine no. 1, 2 and 3, three times in a day after eating meals with water or milk.

Hearing loss symptoms

  • The most important symptom is loss of hearing. A person is unable to hear clear sounds.
  • A person feels difficulty in hearing the sounds within the normal hearing range for human beings.
  • Pain may occur due to infection, injury, and trauma or after the surgery to an ear.
  • If there is an infection of the ear, it may produce fluid from the ear. It may be clear fluid or it may contain pus due to infection.

Loss of hearing

There are different causes for loss of hearing. Some kinds of hearing loss can be successfully dealt with natural remedies without any surgery. There are many other ear problems that may produce temporary loss of hearing. It is very important to determine the cause of hearing loss to get the right treatment.


It is a common cause of hearing loss and occurs at any age. It is a common problem in children. It is the inflammation of the tympanic membrane that is present in the middle ear and the external ear. It may be caused due to infection from bacteria or any other harmful germs. Recurrent infection can produce loss of hearing symptoms.


Any kind of bleeding from the ears is called as otorrhagia. It may be caused due to an injury or blow to the ear. Any surgery, infection or leech bite can also produce bleeding and in some cases loss of hearing too. Pain is the most important symptom that occurs due to injury or after the surgery.

Impacted ear wax

This is a common cause of temporary loss of hearing in children. Impacted ear wax can produce infection and loss of hearing in children.

Foreign body in the ear

Any foreign body in the ear can also produce symptoms of hearing loss. It may damage the sensitive parts of the ear such as the tympanic membrane and can produce loss of hearing.

Tumors of the ear

In some cases tumors of the ear are also responsible for producing hearing loss or deafness. A benign tumor may produce temporary symptoms whereas a malignant tumor can cause permanent loss of hearing.

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