Getting Perfectly Done Eyebrow Shapes by Yourself

Having Fully groomed and thick eyebrows is what that is able to frame your face and the sad thing is not everyone is having naturally perfect eyebrows, so, to do the task makeup for eyebrows and best eyebrow pencils are what that can assist in the task. Using pencil and powders you can bridge the gaps and have perfectly shaping eyebrows. Even these are the things that can help you when tweezed extra hair or less grown hair to the area.

Steps to Follow:

Finding Perfect Shape- For that firstly, you need to hold the pencil that is pointed and vertical holding against the nose, this is the point from where your eyebrow should be started. If it is going beyond the point, then need to use the tweezers for shaping eyebrows perfectly. But, if it falls short, then need to extend from the point. For purpose take white shape best eyebrowpencil and give light stroke so that can mark the spot. After that hold the pencil against the side to the nostril and keep the point of pencil away from the nose through the outer of the eye, tis would create the tail of the eye. Mark the point and need to tweeze the excess of the hair from that area.

Get The Bet Eyebrow Shape as per the Facial Shape- If you are having round face, then need to give a sharp and high angle of eyebrow shape that would give balance to eyes. Ladies blessed with oval shaped face, can try many shapes, but one with long face need to extend the eyebrows. Having heart shaped face, need to try the low and straight arch that would follow the brow bone as this is the perfect idea of shaping eyebrows. One with square face need to have fuller and darker brows so that can get balance to the angular jaw, if, you are not having fuller, then, can get the look using best makeup for eyebrows.

Keep it Natural- It would be best that you need to focus more on grooming eyebrows rather shaping or plucking. If your eyes are close together, then should have to leave the hair nearest to nose. This would not give wide look to eyes, but, drag the attention to the closeness. Make extend the eyebrows having long and wide arch and for giving look like same use the best eyebrow pencil, but, never draw too sharp or too thin eyebrows.

Special Note- If your eyebrow is longer than the point you marked, then you have to remove these hairs. Tweeze the hairs that are outside the natural arch. Never get crazy and over-pluck as it can go crazy and dates. Try to get natural look better than using makeup for eyebrows as it looks more beautiful.

Get done Professionally- If you feel that the eyebrows are not shaped properly or you don’t feel comfortable to does the task, then must visit the salon or brow bar so that can reveal the groomed eyebrows.

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