Flatulence home remedies are very useful in getting rid of the problem. Home remedies produce long lasting results without producing any side effects. Home remedies may be taken regularly to prevent frequent attacks of flatulence. Important flatulence home remedies are discussed below:

  • Take a glass of lukewarm water and put a teaspoon of garlic and ginger juice. Drink it to get relief from flatulence. It is a wonderful home remedy and provides quick relief.
  • Eat a pinch of asafetida with a glass of water to get relief from flatulence. It is a natural home remedy to prevent flatulence.
  • Take a glass of warm water and add half a teaspoon of turmeric powder in it. Drink it when suffering from quick attacks of flatulence. It is a natural remedy for flatulence.
  • Take a glass of water and add one or teaspoon of lemon juice and a few drops of ginger juice. Add a pinch of salt water and drink it to prevent recurrent attacks of flatulence.
  • Drink a glass of sugarcane juice to get rid of flatulence. It is an effective home remedy for flatulence.
  • Aniseeds are also effective for flatulence. Chew half a teaspoon of aniseeds after every meal. This prevents flatulence.
  • Add one teaspoon of honey and a few drops of lemon juice in a glass of warm water to get relief from flatulence. It is a unique home remedy that provides quick results.
  • Onion juice is also a good home remedy to get rid of flatulence. Drink one or teaspoon of onion juice to get rid of flatulence.

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Natural remedies for Flatulence

Natural or herbal remedies are useful to prevent recurrent attacks of flatulence. Herbal remedies give a natural cure for flatulence. Herbal remedies provide safe and natural treatment. It is safe and effective to use herbal remedies to get quick relief. Herbal remedies provide quick relief from flatulence. The package of herbal remedies for flatulence provides instant relief. Natural remedies correct the levels of enzymes and hormones and prevent digestive ailments. The package for flatulence consists of the following herbal remedies for flatulence:

Divya Gaisahara churna: It is a natural cure for flatulence and provides wonderful results. This herbal remedy may be used regularly to prevent flatulence. It is an effective herbal remedy for the treatment of any digestive disorder. It gives quick relief from the symptoms of digestive disorders. Herbal remedies in this natural product provide nutrients to the body and prevent further damage.

Divya Udara Kalpa churna: This natural churna is a combination of herbs that are useful for the functioning of digestive organs. The natural herbs in this product prevent flatulence by stimulating the normal functioning of the digestive system. It reduces flatulence and gives immediate relief. It also increases appetite and helps to prevent recurrent attacks by boosting up the immune system.

Dosage and mode of administration:

Mix the two remedies together and divide into sixty equal parts. Take one teaspoon in the morning and one in the evening, half an hour before breakfast with a glass of lukewarm water.

What is flatulence?

Flatulence refers to the formation of gas in the stomach. It occurs after eating fried and spicy food. It is an uncomfortable condition that also produces distension of the abdomen. It is a common problem and people of all ages may suffer from this gastric problem. Lifestyle plays an important role in producing flatulence. People who live a sedentary life and do not exercise suffer from frequent attacks of flatulence. This happens when food is not digested properly. Food enters the small intestine in an undigested form. It is acted upon by bacteria and lead to the formation of gas in the stomach.

Causes of flatulence

Flatulence may be caused by a variety of causes. Some of the common causes of flatulence are discussed below:

  • While eating food air also enters our mouth and sometimes the amount of air is more. This also happens when people smoke or drink carbonated liquids. Many people eat their food without chewing it properly that results in undigested food and leads to the formation of gas in the stomach.
  • There are some foods that produce gas in the stomach because these foods are not digested properly. Foods such as cabbage, apples, beans, lentils, resins may produce gas due to improper digestion.
  • Certain gastric disorders such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance and celiac disease may also produce gastric complaints such as flatulence.
  • Improper sleep at night is also responsible for producing flatulence. Improper sleep produces indigestion.
  • Sedentary lifestyle is also a major cause of formation of gas in the stomach. It happens in people who do not get time to do exercise.
  • Stress and anxiety is also responsible for improper digestion. Continuous mental stress also produces indigestion and flatulence.

Symptoms of Flatulence

Flatulence also indicates some digestive health problem. There are many other symptoms that are present along with it. People suffering from flatulence should be able to differentiate between flatulence and other digestive health problems. Other important symptoms that may be present along with flatulence are discussed below:

  • A person may feel continuous pain in the abdomen. There is severe colicky pain in the abdomen due to accumulation of gas in the abdomen.
  • Constant heaviness of the abdomen occurs due to flatulence. A pressure is also felt in the stomach that produces an uncomfortable state.
  • There is tightness of the abdomen due to excessive flatulence. People suffering from flatulence may complain of fullness in the abdomen.
  • Loss of appetite may also occur as there is a sensation of fullness. Pain in the abdomen may also shift to the other parts of the body. It may travel to the chest and shoulders.
  • Headache is also a common symptom produced due to flatulence in the abdomen.
  • Nausea and vomiting is also present in the people suffering from flatulence. There is constant belching and eructation that does not produce any relief.
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