Few Concealer Hacks That Every Women Should Know About

The dark circles under eyes are not suitable for the lovely appearance and so every girl wants to keep them covered. At that time best makeup concealer can does the task in favour of you that is able to hide the unwanted spots there on your face. Having just a concealer is not the end of task, because when you don’t know how to apply concealers, then it will not do any good, but, in fact, spoil your appearance. So, to manage all the things, here mentioned are some of the common concealer hacks that every lady needed to know about.

Learn Some Basics- The color, shade, ingredients and formulation of the concealer needs to be targeting the area or spots you wanted to covered. So, always pick the concealer that would suits your skin and other needs. Then only you can buy a normal or a waterproof concealer depending on what you wanted it to do.

Have a Look to the Life Changing Concealer Hacks

Hack 1- Those who use foundation, needed to apply that first, then after concealer needed to be applied.

If you apply the foundation earlier, then you need to apply much concealer. Or, if you would apply concealer first, then you will remove huge amount of it at the time of foundation application.

Hack 2- The best idea when searching how to apply concealer is to draw a triangular shape with the base under the eyes and then point that towards the cheeks.

This is the best idea when you wanted to conceal the dark circles, using best makeup concealer initially would give you an appearance that your face is lifted. It makes shine the cheek right underneath your eyes and so the focus would be directly drawn to the area.

Hack 3- To save eye shadow from falling on lid, you need to prime the eyelids using dab of concealer.

A dab of concealer is equally helpful and workable as the eye shadow primer.

Hack 4- When concealing the pimple, initially use the green concealer, after that cover the area using best makeup concealer perfectly matched to the skin tone.

Using green concealer lessens the redness due to pimple appearance and to apply concealers, one needs to always use clean brush especially to the pimple area so that bacteria would not travel to the other area of the skin. Using the cotton swab for dabbing liquid concealer matching to the skin tone is what that offers complete coverage to the pimple appearance. One needs to make that blend well to the skin surrounding the pimple. To settle up, finish using powder.

Hack 5- For covering the pimple to the back or chest area, a waterproof concealer or other concealer need to be used that matches the skin tone and end that with translucent powder.

Use the alternate concealer, and make that settled using powder so that the spot would vanish. Concealer is helpful to hide the blemish and powder helps to keep it there for longer period of time.

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