Femiplex Tablet for Vaginal Discharge Management

Femiplex Tablet

Femiplex is an herbal product for managing the symptoms of recurrent vaginitis. It is a combination of natural herbs that provide quick relief from abnormal vaginal discharge. It is a natural vaginal discharge product that helps to get rid of recurrent infections. It is made up of natural herbs that are safe and help in quick recovery from the symptoms of vaginitis. A natural product such as femiplex is a blend of herbs that help in vaginal discharge management. All the herbs in femiplex are natural and safe and give excellent results in women suffering from white vaginal discharge. Leucorrhoea is a common health problem that may occur at any age and young girls suffer the most. This natural solution for white vaginal discharge in women gives quick relief from excessive discharge from the vagina. This natural product is made up of herbs that are found to be effective in getting rid of vaginal infections.

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Benefits of femiplex

  • Femiplex is an excellent herbal solution for women who suffer from recurrent vaginitis due to bacterial infection or the presence of sexually transmitted infections.
  • Regular intake of femiplex helps in natural vaginal discharge management without producing any side effects.
  • Femiplex is also indicated for balancing female hormones to give relief from reproductive dysfunctions.
  • Femiplex is also recommended for women who suffer from infertility due to excessive vaginal discharge from the vagina.
  • It is also a good product indicated for women who suffer from loss of sexual desire due to vaginal infection.
  • It gives quick relief from the symptoms of inflammation of the vagina such as burning and itching of the vulva.
  • It creates an inhospitable environment for the growth of bacteria and reduces the chance of recurrences of signs and symptoms of vaginitis.
  • Femiplex is a female tonic and it helps in maintaining the optimal health of female reproductive organs. It stimulates the different organs for normal functioning.
  • Women with any menstrual disorders may also take femiplex regularly to balance the hormones and for the management of menstrual disorders.
  • The natural herbs also provide stamina and increase desire and libido in women. It is an herbal product and does not produce any harmful effects when taken regularly.

Ingredients of Femiplex tablet

Femiplex is made up of natural herbs. The natural herbs in the femiplex tablet provide relief from abnormal vaginal discharge quickly. Important ingredients of the femiplex tablet are:

  • Shilajit shuddha: It is a natural herb that is suggested for all the difficulties experienced by females before and during monthly periods.
  • Mukta Shukti bhasma: It is an excellent herb for chronic leucorrhea problems. It is a natural vaginal discharge product. It helps to get rid of white discharge naturally.
  • Gokhshura: It is a wonderful natural solution for white vaginal discharge in women. It also helps in boosting the immune system.
  • Ashoka: It is a wonderful female herb that is useful for the natural management of all female problems. It helps to get rid of recurrent vaginitis. It also helps to balance the female hormones.
  • Shatavari: This is a natural female tonic that helps to get rid of all kinds of female problems. It provides energy to the body cells and helps to get rid of white discharge. It is also a very good herb for female infertility.
  • Trivang bhasma: This natural herb may be taken on a regular basis for boosting strength and for getting rid of weakness.
  • Putrajivaka: This is a natural herb that helps in balancing the female hormones and helps to get rid of all kinds of female problems. It helps to get rid of recurrent vaginitis.

Dosage and mode of administration

It is recommended to take 2 tablets, two times a day after meals with a glass of water daily.


It is a common problem in women. It may occur at any time during the reproductive period. The most important cause of vaginitis is bacterial, fungal, or protozoa infection. It occurs due to poor hygiene of the female genital area. It may also occur due to sexually transmitted infections in women. Natural herbs boost the immune system and reduce the risk of recurrent vaginitis. Women looking for natural vaginal discharge management must try natural and herbal products because the conventional system has no solution for vaginal discharge.

Cause of Vaginitis

The excessive vaginal discharge causes discomfort and other health problems in women. Commonly this is called as leucorrhoea. Women may suffer from vaginal discharge due to several reasons.

  • It may occur due to bacterial or viral infections. Women with weaker immune systems may suffer from a recurrent bacterial or viral infection of the genital parts.
  • Sometimes it is caused due to weakness of the reproductive organs and imbalanced hormones.
  • Women suffering from recurrent vaginitis often seek medical help to get relief. It may also cause pain in the back and lower legs.
  • Sometimes the color of the vaginal discharge may be yellow due to the presence of a sexually transmitted infection. Women who suffer from sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhoea or syphilis may complain of yellow-colored vaginal discharge.
  • Douching is also an important cause of vaginitis. Excessive douching can produce an acid-base imbalance in the vagina, which may cause irritation and burning.

Tips for reducing the symptoms of vaginitis

A few important tips are given here that can help women to reduce recurrent vaginitis:

  • Women should keep healthy hygiene of the vaginal area to reduce recurrent infections. Women should wear cotton undergarments that fits well and can absorb moisture easily.
  • Women should eat healthy food to boost their immune system and get rid of recurrent infections. Women should eat more fruits and vegetables to provide sufficient nutrition to the body. Avoid eating saturated fats and eat refined carbohydrates for proper functioning.
  • Women should do regular exercise for effective blood supply to all body parts. Exercise helps in the proper functioning of all the body organs. Exercise also helps to improve stamina and also helps to maintain emotional and psychological balance.
  • Avoid vaginal douching using strong and harsh chemicals. These chemicals can produce harm to the vagina and the normal environment in the vaginal area.
  • Avoid wearing nylon or synthetic undergarments for reducing inflammation and recurrent itching of the vagina.
  • Women should avoid excessive drinking and smoking. This also leads to recurrent infection of the vagina and can also reduce the supply of blood to the sexual organs.
  • Women should take proper sleep for the healthy functioning of the sexual organs. Lack of sleep causes stress and anxiety. Meditation helps to get rid of stress and helps in quick recovery from recurrent infection of the genital area.
  • Women suffering from recurrent vaginal infections should communicate with their partners. It helps to increase sexual intimacy and helps to get rid of sexual problems easily.
  • Women should avoid taking too many prescription drugs as such drugs can produce harmful effects and can lead to recurrent vaginal infections in women.
  • Drink more water to remove toxins from the body. Water helps in rejuvenating the functioning of the body’s organs. Water is also useful for proper hydration of the body cells.
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