Epilepsy is a brain disorder and there are numerous seizures that may occur in continuous succession. Many people of all ages suffer from epilepsy. Different types of treatments are available. Home remedies for epilepsy provide relief from symptoms and recurrent attacks of epilepsy. Home remedies help to enhance the blood supply to the brain cells and helps in regulating the functioning of brain cells. Home remedies are safe and may be used in conjunction with traditional conventional remedies used for epilepsy. Some useful home remedies are epilepsy are:

Fruit juices are useful for reducing the attacks of epilepsy. Fresh fruit juices help to increase blood supply to the brain cells. Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals that boosts up immunity and prevent recurrent epilepsy attacks.

Green leafy vegetables are also useful for providing proper nutrition to the brain cells. Vegetables such as cucumber, carrots, broccoli, beetroot, etc are rich in phytonutrients that supply proper energy to the brain cells.

Another useful home remedy for epilepsy is basil leaves. Smelling basil leaves help to reduce the epilepsy attacks. Basil leaves produces soothing effect on the brain cells. The fragrance of this herb produces a wonderful effect on the brain cells and prevent recurrent attacks of epilepsy.

People suffering from epilepsy should avoid alcohol and cigarette smoking. These reduce the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain cells and can produce harmful effects. Therefore, one should reduce the intake of alcohol and other habit forming substances.

Yoga is a wonderful solution for getting rid of epilepsy attacks. Yoga exercise enhances the supply of oxygen to the brain cells. Yoga asana stimulate the normal functioning of brain cells.

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Epilepsy natural treatment

Natural treatment for epilepsy consists of herbal remedies. Package for herbal remedies consists of useful natural remedies that help in epilepsy natural treatment. All the remedies in this package are safe and natural. These are traditional herbal remedies that help in enhancing the energy and oxygen supply to the brain cells and prevent epileptic attacks. The useful herbal remedies in this package for epilepsy natural treatment are:

Divya medha kwatha: It is an excellent herbal remedy to get rid of recurrent epileptic attacks. It increases the blood supply and oxygen supply to the brain cells. It also helps in increasing memory.

Divya mukta/moti pisti: It is also considered as a traditional herbal remedy that helps in the natural epilepsy treatment. It helps to correct the dysfunctions of brain without producing any side effects. It supplies proper nutrients to the brain and helps to prevent recurrent attacks.

Divya pravala pisti: This herbal remedy may be used for the treatment of various kinds of brain affections. It is a useful remedy that is known to increase memory and concentration. It also helps in reducing recurrent seizures.

Divya amrita sattva: This herbal remedy helps to prevent from recurrent seizures. It also gives relief from weakness of the body. It may be used regularly to prevent recurrent seizures. It increases the strength of body muscles and supplies proper nutrients to the brain cells for preventing continuous seizures.

Divya kapardakka bhasma: It is found that this herbal remedy may be used regularly to prevent epileptic attacks. It also gives quick relief from symptoms that are associated with epilepsy. It increases memory and concentration.

Divya medha vati: It is believed that this herbal remedy may be used for the natural treatment of epilepsy. This is a useful and effective herbal remedy that supplies proper nutrition to the brain cells.

Dosage and mode of administration

Boil 5-10gms of medicine no.1 in about 200 ml of water. Let it boil till water reduces to half. Strain the liquid and start taking one teaspoon in the morning and one in the evening empty stomach.

Mix medicine no. 2, 3, 4, and 5 and divide into 60 equal parts. Take one part in the morning and one in the evening half an hour after eating breakfast and dinner with water or milk.
Take two-two tablets of medicine no 6 in the morning and evening, one hour after eating breakfast and dinner with water or milk.

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a disorder of the brain in which repeated seizures occur. It may affect people of all ages. When there is a disruption in the generation of electrical impulses in the brain cells, it leads to epileptic attacks. Seizures are of different types. The two most important categories are: Focal seizures that refer to the seizures in particular body parts and generalized body seizures when it occurs in the whole body. Symptoms may vary from person to person. People having seizures should take good care of their health to prevent recurrent attacks.

Causes of epilepsy

Epileptic seizures may be produced by a variety of reasons. Some of the important causes are:

  • Injury to head during an accident can lead to epileptic seizures
  • Infections of the lining of the brain cells
  • Abnormal development of the brain cells
  • Brain tumor may also be responsible for epileptic seizures
  • Sometimes seizures also occur due to the transmission of defective genes from the parents
  • Lack of proper nutrition to the brain or any history of chronic illness may also produce epilepsy in children

Symptoms of epilepsy

In epilepsy, there is continuous repetition of seizures. Other symptoms that are associated with seizures are discussed below:

  • Patient becomes unconscious and does not remember anything after the seizure. There is a complete black out and person looks confused
  • Weakness of the body occurs after an epileptic attack. There is great weakness and patient generally fell asleep after an attack
  • Froth may come out during an attack. It is generally white in color
  • Biting of tongue may occur
  • Stiffness of extremities is common during an attack
  • There is no response from the person
  • Jerky movement of hands and legs may occur due to reduced electrical impulses of the brain cells
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