Eight Essential Diabetes Tips

There are reasons why diabetes is termed as a silent killer. This grim reaper of a disease hollows the victim from inside. It gives rise to other ailments, affects the immune system and has rightly been called as the mother of diseases.

Food that we eat, after digestion is converted into glucose. This glucose then enters the blood stream from where the cells absorb it to derive energy. For the cells to able to absorb glucose, insulin is required, which is a hormone produced by the pancreas.

Diabetic people either do not produce sufficient insulin or they are unable to process the insulin produced. Thus there is a rise in blood sugar level which gradually gives rise to catastrophic effects.

Treatment of diabetes involves a wide spectrum of methods depending upon the kind of diabetes and body composition of the individual. However, some keystones habits should always be followed.

These steps when carefully administered with correct dugs can help a diabetic live an almost normal life:

1. Physical exertion

Do regular morning walk at least 5 days a week for minimum 45 minutes. Exercises play a vital role in rejuvenating the function of body organs. It increases absorption of medicines and thus early and long-lasting relief can be achieved.

2. Stress management

Stress is known to worsen the health of a diabetic person. Thus it is imperative to control mental stress and Anxieties by remaining calm and adopting a positive attitude in life.

3. Eating habits

In daily meals, include more of green vegetables and salad, preferably bitter gourd, bottle gourd and fenugreek. Consume wheat and rice in less quantity and take at least one fruit every day which contains low sugar like apple and guava. Jamun fruit is highly beneficial in this disease. The seasonal fruit must be consumed in good quantity when available. Only double toned milk which contains much less fat can be consumed. Small meals at regular intervals is advised over big meals at longer durations.

4. Glucometer

Always keep a glucometer handy. This is specifically advisable for people with fluctuating blood sugar levels. A drop in sugar level can be fatal, thus keeping a check is a wise option. Sudden sugar level drops can be catered to by consuming raw sugar immediately.

5. Weight management

A healthy weight will help you move towards a healthy outlook and combat diabetes. Shedding down those extra kilos can do wonders. Consulting a dietician in this is regard is a bright prospective.

7. Health monitoring

Diabetic run at a risk of acquiring a lot of other diseases. Thus a diabetic should should be vigil about his cholesterol, blood pressure and other health parameters. A complete health check up should be strictly enforced to keep the body ready for any approaching foreign infections.

8. Biological clock

Proper sleeping and working routine has been found to help in combating diabetes. Insomnia and sleep deprivation often push people into eating more, which in turn develops into an unhealthy lifestyle. People with proper sleeping patterns have a more controlled blood sugar level.

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