DVD Yoga for Asthma in English

DVD Yoga for Asthma by Swami Ramdev Ji is effective for asthma, rhinitis, coryza and sinusitis. It consists of yoga asana and home remedies useful for the treatment of asthma. It is believed that yoga for asthma is a wonderful natural technique to get rid of frequent attacks of asthma. Many people suffer from exercise induced asthma and this DVD will help to get rid of recurrent asthma attacks. In this DVD different exercise for asthma are given that may practiced at home and get rid of asthma. People suffering from asthma that cannot go out to do yoga due to different reasons can buy this DVD and practice different yoga asana for asthma at home. This DVD is prepared by Swami Ramdev ji for people suffering from asthma. In this DVD he has given different yoga asana and exercise for asthma as well as some home remedies which may be used at home for acute attacks of asthma.

Buy Yoga DVD for Asthma by Swami Ramdev Ji in English & Hindi both in one DVD

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Benefits of DVD Yoga for Asthma by Swami Ramdev Ji

  • This DVD is useful for people suffering from respiratory disorders and it is beneficial for the people with weak immunity that get recurrent attacks of asthma.
  • People who suffer from coryza and sinusitis may take practice yoga asana to get quick relief.
  • Yoga asana and home remedies in this DVD give immediate relief in chronic cough. It also helps in reducing chronic fever and pain in the muscles of the face.
  • Home remedies and exercise given in this DVD help in the treatment of all respiratory diseases. It is wonderful help for the patients who cannot go out and wanted to get relief from their respiratory problems naturally.
  • This DVD is a wonderful solution for all respiratory problems as yoga exercise given in this DVD help to boost up energy and prevent frequent attacks of asthma. Exercise for asthma given in this DVD also makes the respiratory organs strong.

Home remedies for Asthma

  • Gooseberry is an important herb used for respiratory problem. Take five grams of it and mix it with one tablespoon of honey. It is a wonderful home remedy for asthma and should be taken every day in the morning.
  • Take one teaspoon of paste of bitter gourd roots and mix it with small amount of honey or juice of tulsi leave and take one at night for a month to get excellent results.
  • Take about 180ml of water and add some drumstick leaves. Boil it for five minutes and allow it to cool. Add some salt, pepper and lime juice. It makes a natural home remedy for asthma.
  • Ginger is an antibiotic herb used traditionally in ayurvedic system of medicine for the treatment of respiratory infections. Ginger tea is believed to be useful for giving relief during acute asthmatic attacks.
  • Take few garlic cloves and boil in 30 ml of milk. It is an excellent remedy for asthma.
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